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Thai Court Charges Activist Sending 'Shockwaves' Through Human Rights Community


Thai Court Charges Activist Sending 'Shockwaves' Through Human Rights Community

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Setting a chilling precedent for human rights defenders worldwide, a British rights activist on Tuesday was convicted of criminal defamation and cyber crimes by a Thai court for his work exposing the abuse of migrant workers at a pineapple processing plant.


First Ag-Gag laws, now Human Rights Gag laws... I guess it's not really a new thing though.
Shame on Thailand.


mmmm ...Andy could come to America and find plenty of migrant abuse but he would have to watch out for the dogs and the private army of black boot thugs. Maybe he could assist the Native Americans defending their heritage sites. Nah, the pipe line private army thugs have dogs also and people get arrested for chalk writing on bull dozer blades. On second thought stay in Thailand it is probably safer.


This is one of the methods the oligarchs and ruling class uses to keep everyone in line.


Thailand; land of smiles. And hypocrisy. But 11 million tourists per year can't be wrong. Nice beaches, good food, warm seas, cheap and excellent hotels, good exchange rates, elephants, pretty girls..........


For Heaven's sake why is anyone shocked by the verdict? Thailand is a third world country in thrall to multinational corporations! The only reason this gentleman isn't behind bars is because too many human rights and social organizations are watching and could cause a major embarrassment to the Thai government.


Putting this oppressive decision into perspective, from Andy's site; Natural fruit is owned by the family of general secretary of Thailand's Democratic Party, Mr. Chalermchai Sri-on.