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Thank You, Bernie Sanders. Screw You, New York Times.

One of us is clueless, that’s for damn sure :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Too little and too late. And now we depend on the half brained Biden. Sanders has shouted his last ha rah.

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Hi RoyceGW,

Many thanks for your thoughtful comments (albeit belatedly - I’ve been drowning in work, so have just been reading various articles as and when I can, and just now discovered your reply - have now turned on the notifications so I don’t miss any replies in the future)!
I agree entirely about the broad-brushing and cherry-picking as well as with your comments on Friedman.
I occasionally read the cultural and cooking sections of the NYT, and there are some Opinion writers I rather like. But I have gotten very frustrated with the American mainstream media over the years (I am a Californian expat who has been living in Germany for most of the past 40 years), particularly with regard to the way they treat Bernie Sanders and other progressives, and I was very glad to discover Common Dreams a while back (I love the nickname “Crazed Diatribes” :joy: :joy: :joy:), along with “Democracy Now!”. It just seems to me that the MSM is just as much corporate-owned as the corporate Democrats, and the constant characterization of Bernie, AOC and other progressives as radical drives me straight up the wall, especially given my decades of experience in Europe, where health care, decent working conditions, a functioning social safety net, worker representation in the form of works councils in companies, etc. are all mainstream and embraced by centrist, left- and right-wing parties as normal and not at all radical. But then, Dr. King was demonized as a radical several decades ago (and again, most European countries would not have considered his politics radical) - some things never change…sigh…
This is not to say that Europe is perfect by any means - as you know, it also has serious problems with far-right-wingers/white supremacists, among other things, once again - but none of the European countries are blithering about being “the greatest country in the world” and all that rubbish, and we here in Europe have been looking on in horror at what’s going on in the US and wondering whether America will be able to get its act back together at some point, and right now it doesn’t look promising.
To my mind, Bernie was the only truly ethical and consistent presidential candidate we had in both 2016 and 2020, and the president we really, really need to clean things up and get America on a truly good path at last, and my father (who is now 87) and I were terribly disappointed when the corporate democrats and their rich donors (along with the rethuglicans) ganged up on him and managed to make yet another corporate neo-con incrementalist the presumptive nominee. I can only hope that the progressives can manage to move Biden to the left in actuality and that he will do more than just use the progressive ideas for window-dressing and token sops to voters, instead of continuing to cater to corporations, lobbyists, etc. However, at this point I am not terribly optimistic, to put it mildly. I really think it is time for a third party that brings together all the progressive movements working towards racial, social, economic and climate justice, and to implement ranked-choice voting throughout the country, which I think would go a long way towards getting progressives into power at last and diminishing the influence of the complacent corporate dems and the Ghastly Old Prevaricators.

Greetings from Germany