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Thank you, Climate Strikers. Your Action Matters and Your Power Will be Felt


Thank you, Climate Strikers. Your Action Matters and Your Power Will be Felt

Rebecca Solnit

I want to say to all the climate strikers today: thank you so much for being unreasonable. That is, if reasonable means playing by the rules, and the rules are presumed to be guidelines for what is and is not possible, then you may be told that what you are asking for is impossible or unreasonable. Don’t listen. Don’t stop. Don’t let your dreams shrink by one inch. Don’t forget that this might be the day and the pivotal year when you rewrite what is possible.


I think what we old saws found is that holding signs and yelling is not enough. We have to engage lawmakers who enable laws to be changed at the local, state and national levels. Out of the strikes in the sixties came much change such as civil rights, environmental including the clean air and water acts and of course reproductive rights as well. unfortunately due to craziness and corruption some of that has been erased which is why we need to stand up again, all generations and fight to have our lawmakers and industries comply with climate action.


thank you Rebecca for reminding us all of what is possible when we come together and stand in solidarity for the truth.


While this is great- we actually need laws to change the way it is now. We need ideas and action- something that actually can and will be done, not just ideas but actual action that can be seen and participated in .


Those kids better be ready for a long hard slog as the Fossil Fuels Mafia will not relinquish anything easily.


But neither School Strike nor XR mentions capitalism in their websites or literature. They still do not understand that the problem is capitalism. The politicians and corporate executives who block climate legislation are not simply stupid or crazy; they are doing that because they are PAID to do it by the big corporations who profit from the status quo. We must end capitalism soon, or it will end us.


Lot’s of lessons for these kids still to learn. Like when they realize they have changed nothing and that the people with power and money will swallow up their movement and try to make it their own through marketing and advertising. Nothing radicalizes those on the frontlines of protest like the sting of teargas. The civil rights and anti-war marches of the 60s and 70s didn’t move the needle one iota until people were bombarded on their evening TV screens with videos of water cannons, murdered black children, dead Kent State students, Vietnam War body bags, and a string of assassinations. “If it bleeds, it leads” is a saying for a reason. And, in retrospect, we accomplished very little lasting change as imperial wars and rampant racism are still sewn into the fabric of society. Good luck to you kids and your hopes for a peaceful resolution but you better purchase a yellow kevlar vest and a gas mask plus arrange for legal assistance to confront the battles to come…and always remember, the police are NOT your friends.


"Realize that everything connects to everything else” – Leonardo DaVinci