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'Thank You For Rescuing Me': Watch Once-Suicidal Veteran Offer Sanders His Flight Jacket During Heartfelt Exchange

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/10/thank-you-rescuing-me-watch-once-suicidal-veteran-offer-sanders-his-flight-jacket


And my man crush for Bernie burns on. Time for a tissue.
Bernie 2020!


Under ByeDone’s plan, this vet would be shit out of luck.
Just like he is under the current program that Uncle Joe called a “a big fuckin” deal, RomneyCare.
Ain’t incrementalism a gas?

You can vote for a slim shot at gold standard healthcare access with Bernie.
Or you can vote to guarantee we stick with the current wealthcare debacle with ByeDone.
Or you can vote for the weasel words of Liz and Mayo Pete – incrementalists to their cores.

I say a slim shot with Bernie because the DNC is cooking up ways to kneecap him, and Pelosi and Schumer are the one-two punch of killing any even remotely progressive policy.

Hell, who am I kidding? Get ready for Trump 2.0.


Agreed. The DNC will NOT allow Bernie to win the nomination, no matter how popular he is with the people. They will do everything in their power, legal or illegal, to keep him out of the Oval Office. They hate him more than they do Trump. And yet, their neoliberal constituents keep hanging on to the coattails of the Democratic Party, pretending that they are the “nicer” guys and all we have to do is vote for one of their corporate tools to restore “civility” to our government.


I don’t know of any candidate in modern-day politics who has ever come across as more sincere and trustworthy than Bernie. I have no doubt that, if elected, he will not change colors or stripes once he’s in office. If he can’t accomplish everything he intends to, he will at least fight like hell, I’m sure. Problem is, the DNC and the many corporate tools in the party know this, and will do everything in their power to keep him from ever even getting into the Oval Office. I really don’t understand how so many people who call themselves liberals can still support this party of corporate tools and warmongers so unconditionally.


I actually understand that the majority of rank-and-file Democrats are conservadems or centrists.

That’s why I’m forced to vote Green. I haven’t run from the d-party, the d-party keeps running away from me. And if I need the ultimate proof, all I have to is recall the years 2009-2010, when Dems had huge majorities and could barely muster RomneyCare. 50 blue dogs in swing districts have more power of the d-party than 100 progressives. In my book, the d-party is a hopeless brand content to join the r-party in hippie punching. No thanks.


That may or may not be true. The article earlier in the year about the anti-Bernie people meeting (ghouls like Tanden, racist police lapdog Pete, Pelosi, Brock) noted that they realize that it may not be possible to rig the thing if he gets enough support. Of course, they have to count (or not count) the votes, but there are ways to guard against things. However, if they do in fact rig the thing, their party is in serious trouble. It is already on life support nationally, if it rigged the thing for someone else, it would face an existentialist crisis. If they rig it for someone that then loses, it will get ugly. So, even if they do in fact rig the thing, we could push and win either way. Either Bernie wins, or the Democrats as we know it implode. Look at all the horrific things Pelosi is doing and saying publicly, proudly it seems. They are already heading for a reckoning, and we could and will speed that up one way or another. By the way, she faces a really good primary challenger. Support Shahid Buttar and spread the word.

This is a touching story. We have not had the chance to vote for someone like Bernie in my entire life, and we likely won’t have someone like him for some time. To pass the chance to vote for him, a second time, for someone that is inferior across the board and for someone that is not any more likely to win (often less likely) is insane. Bernie isn’t the movement, but movements need people like him in power. Canada has single payer and social movements pushed it through. But, they wouldn’t have been as successful if it wasn’t for Tommy Douglas.


This story show Bernie’s true colors. I remember seeing Bernie’s first encounter with this man, who was neither his constituent nor a democrat. He recognized the man’s service to his country, acknowledged the despair that comes from being discarded by society and then sat him down and put his team into action. That is what someone, with a MORAL CENTER does!! Perhaps what was more profound, beyond the presentation of a prized possession, was how Bernie downplayed his role, acknowledging the valuable contribution of the Nevada delegation in helping this man. There is nothing more to say. Can we just elect Bernie and get on with the business of healing this nation?


…White, petit-bourgeois, speciously deluded, resolutely obdurate, cravenly self-deluded Democrat rank-and-file are conservadems or centrists… with swell equity portfolios…

There, fixed it?

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Actually, you didn’t fix it. Most older black church-going Dems are not liberal. Neither are many working class white Dem voters, who are hardly petit-bourgeois. And frankly, given the rightward drift of their party, I wouldn’t describe them so much as cravenly self-deluded as active, willing participants.

BTW, a poll yesterday had them favoring Hillary as their 2020 candidate – they think she can win. Are they deluded or just plain conservative like their queen?


Well, for one, someone’s ideological stance is one thing, many don’t support policies for ideological reasons. Bill Maher seems to struggle with this now, you know. He doesn’t seem to realize that you don’t have to be on the ideological left to support single payer. You just might think it is a better system and would benefit the person being polled. I also would question that poll, as it found that half of the party wants either Biden, Clinton or Bloomberg. That is absurd. If you look at the data, what you are talking about is older voters in that party, and they vote in large numbers. There are huge differences in how younger and older voters actually vote. However, that party is internally very undemocratic and is obviously corrupt. So, similar to the general election, what people actually want is very much different than what they get, on policy and on the bores that usually are propped up.

Having said all of that, keep the manufacturing of consent in mind in regards to polls. A few weeks ago CNN did a poll that found that racist police lapdog Pete was doing well in Iowa. They didn’t mention something that is relevant. They didn’t mention that about half of those they polled were actually registered Republicans that don’t plan on voting in the Democratic primaries. Kind of relevant information to pass on when passing on the results of the poll. Think CNN mentioned that? Did any of the outlets that cited that poll? No, because that poll doesn’t exist to reflect reality, it serves other ends.

But, I am also not deluded about what the Democratic Party is. Many of its voters do seem to support things like single payer, but they also seem utterly lost. Since that party has absolutely no direction or coherence on policy or ideologically, since it is hierarchical and internally undemocratic, corrupt too, it shouldn’t surprise anyone how lost many of the rank and file are. They exist in a machine that is basically broken for everyone that doesn’t control it.


Growing up in a rust belt newspaper family, I’d questioned some of my mom’s old-timey commie coworkers referring to “liberals” as “reactionaries?” I’m guessing we’re on the same page, just a different book? Those bible thumping Black folks and piss-po’ proletarian types get LOST in 2016? I’m seeing Creative Class™ & craven “yuppies.” Bill Maher is still ALIVE? EWwwww…

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They’re not mutually exclusive.


No doubt about it in my mind. To me, Bernie’s chances of being nominated for POTUS by the DNC, are between slim and none…and Slim just left town!


I agree with your post.

However, if you’re surprised by any poll that shows strong support for conservadem candidates, I’m shocked. Yes, the d-party is incoherent. Yes, it’s basically a broken machine, except for the establishment skimming money off of it. But it’s also the only game in town, and as such, it’s an entity in which Blue Dogs and corporate tools control it, and progressives can STFU because they “have nowhere else to go.”

Also, yes, the Dem rank-and-file are lost. But not so lost that they can’t see which way the wind blows. And it hasn’t been blowing left in 50 years. To illustrate, my rep, Debbie Dingell is a member of both the House Progressive Caucus and the Problem solvers Caucus. But that’s the Democrats – shamelessly triangulating in an effort to please everyone…

Which makes Bernie’s steadfastness all the more remarkable, and dangerous for the Dems.


Taxing the the obscene profits of the pharma industry, and the hospital industries could pay for this man’s and the millions of others living in the same debt hole.


While you’re right about mutual exclusivity, I’ll point out that Dem voters are being offered a pretty clear choice right now. And many if not most of them are voting incrementalist because they don’t believe Bernie’s proposals have a chance in hell of going anywhere.

Sadly, I would suggest that they’re not deluding themselves on that front.

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If the dems. force me to support Biden instead of Bernie in 2020 I will also support the Green Party again and will not allow Mr.Master Card to insult my vote!


My rust belt state was a part of the Blue Wall.
The Blue Wall that crumbled when the Dems ran Hillary.
Now it seems they’re hellbent on a repeat.
Another repeat: blaming hippies when they lose.


At least Uncle Joe isn’t lying to you like Mayo Pete. Hell, Joe just stated point blank:

“Nothing will fundamentally change.” It can’t get any plainer than that, man.