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'Thank You, Mr. President': Trump Praises Universal Healthcare Hours After Trumpcare Vote

'Thank You, Mr. President': Trump Praises Universal Healthcare Hours After Trumpcare Vote

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As calls for single payer escalate in the wake of Thursday's devastating Republican healthcare vote, President Donald Trump inadvertently gave a boost to the demand when he praised Australia's taxpayer-funded, universal coverage system in a meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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If Bernie can push Single Payer forward, History will remember him as a winner, his loss to “her” would just be a footnote.



Medicare-for-All. According to DeMoro this requires improving the current Medicare and Medicaid programs. I think this emphasis is based on the fact Medicare and Medicaid have already survived court challenges brought by aggrieved former stakeholders in the period before these programs were enacted into law. My guess is Single Payer would be challenged in court, all the way to the SCOTUS, and could be struck down, in part or even the whole law. Given the court’s current and future possible makeup, that would tie Single Payer up in the courts. And, have ancillary unintended consequences.
The ACA went to the SCOTUS. Would that happen with expanded and improved Medicare and Medicaid legislation ( Medicare-for-All )? Could it be struck down by the courts? Just wonderin’.

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I would love to see Medicare for all paid for from our taxes like every other civilized nation. However i do have a gripe about the abuses and over subscription of opioid and penicillin derivatives to name a few. Opiods are extremely and highly addictive (i know because i was prescribed opiods after surgery for broken leg) . People sell it to make a buck and more people in the economically depressed areas are gravely impacted. Big pharma does not care for human health or well being they just want to sell more drugs. I hope there will be many provisions in the new Universal Healthcare system to prevent such gross abuses.

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I agree, except I would argue that Bernie did not lose to HRC, but for some unknown reason, allowed HER TO LOSE TO TRUMP.


I think the Republicans are crazy to even touch Obamacare. It is in the process of collapsing under its own weight, why get your fingerprints all over it? :confused: For me personally, I could get Obamacare just for me for the low low price of just $1092/mo with a $12000 deductible and no Drs within 50 miles. No thanks.


They can say anything, propose anything, introduce any legislation, promise anything. They can say they’re going to give you a pink pony, too. The fact is the Democratic Party is out of power; totally, as in " nada ".
Bernie or Pelosi or Nader or Warren… they really are just giving us talking points and political wish lists, at this point.
Just look at the minimum wage fight. It’s very instructive as regards the healthcare fight. Some states are moving forward. The Federal gov’t is moving backwards. Just saying.


Trump doesn’t know a thing about Australia’s healthcare system, nor about the House bill that passed Thursday.

The D-Party will commit to nothing progressive, they’ll once again tout the fact that they’re not Republicans.

Because that’s all they’ve got.


When you’re out of power in politics that’s what you got to work with. Another plan, right?


Only to people who are too blinded or brainwashed to accept the truth.




I have an adult son with a serious illness, who will go off of my insurance at the end of the year when he turns 26.

Boy, if we could have Medicare for all—just maybe I could go back to sleeping at night.


The issue is that the landing is a little softer for the top 20% and many of them either purchase Congress or work in Congress–both sides of the aisle.

What my dad used to call, “To h*** with you and hooray for me!”

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I was being facetious. Thanks for your reply.

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Wouldn’t count on the American people realizing anything. The first time Bill Clinton ran he used the very real threat of universal healthcare to raise money from insurance and pharma. Then he put Hillary in charge of setting it up in meetings only attended by insurance and pharma donors. No doctors, hospitals, “people”… When his major campaign promise was forgotten a few months later, Hillary announced that single payer was unworkable in this country. Don’t think anybody brought that up when Hillary ran. Americans are totally isolated from the same reality the rest of the world shares and don’t and never will realize anything.


Are you saying Bernie and his mouth are just a coxk holster for Corporate Democrats? Why not just say so? Go ahead. You keep running up the flagpole the same old, same old arguments from Governor Street and Sen. Hedges. I read those articles 15-20 times on Common Dreams, posted by various people. Whose blind and brainwashed ( your word ) on this?
I think Sen. Hedges and Governor Street have valid critiques of Sen. Sanders. I’ll pass them along to the various Republican Committee Chairmen he serves along side with. And have them forward them onto to him. You can tell Governor Street and Sen. Hedges their, and your, concerns have been noted.

Maybe you can show us how it’s collapsing under its own weight. No one else has been able to. Oh, you must just be repeating one of Trump’s lines.


Thank you.

oh. don’t bother. neither street nor hedges attempts to influence the corrupted. their target audience is the public. you know, i hadn’t planned on opening riz’ link until i read your recommendation. thanks!

Conyers said healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

Other rights would be a Universal Basic Income that provides for basic food, shelter, clothing, Internet service and sex.

Sex? Sex is a driving force in all animals including humans, essential to peace without testosteronic conflict (see Bonobos). For healthy universal access to sex, sex work, like drugs, needs to be legalized and taken out of criminal hands.

“I call testosterone the perfect weapon of mass destruction.”
Malcolm Potts

you have a president so uninhibited in speech say something truthful, and that makes him a fiddle to be played. but it has to be played correctly.

and I can guarantee you that the Democrats will play him as poorly as is possible, because, as a party, they don’t want national healthcare. They’ll do what they did to him re: Russia and Syria–bully him into changing course simply to prove that the accusations against him were wrong.

And in Sanders’ words, you can see the opening salvo of that process when he says he;ll mention it on the Senate floor. He sees an opportunity to score a political point–the precise thing that brings out Trump’s contrarian nature.

The people getting Trump’s pen right now are the ones that now how to massage him their way. And so far, all Democrats are thinking of is not how to manipulate this dolt for the people’s gain, but only for their own power.

“Resistance” my a%%.