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Thank You Obama for Your Mosque Speech


Thank You Obama for Your Mosque Speech

Mehdi Hasan

It only took him seven years. But maybe it was worth the wait.


REVELATION. All religions were given to humanity by God to serve a common purpose-- to awaken a common human spirituality called Knowledge.
And all religions have been changed by man. The Prophet Muhammad, The Jesus, and The Buddha all great Messengers (& other Messengers) all have come from the same source.
A New Messenger has been sent to this world (Summers; New message). All Great Messengers bring forth to humanity important Messages from the Creator. These are sent at times of great opportunity and great crises for humanity. We live at such a time that a New Message has been delivered. For we live in such times that humanity and human civilization are in great jeopardy from a changing world and from the emergence into The Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.


Good for Obama.

Our nation is made stronger by having Methodists AND Muslims, Baptists AND Jews, Pentecostals AND Atheists, AND everyone else.

Americans of warm hearts have defended Blacks when they were discriminated against and attacked, and we have defended the LGBT community when they were attacked and discriminated against, and now we must stand again in support for all the wonderful Muslim individuals and families who share America and the planet with us, and who have as much right to be here and to enjoy full rights, unharrassed, as I do.