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Thankful to Avoid Prison, Acquitted Valve Turners Lament Lost Chance to Defend Planet-Saving Necessity of Pipeline Shutdown


Thankful to Avoid Prison, Acquitted Valve Turners Lament Lost Chance to Defend Planet-Saving Necessity of Pipeline Shutdown

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a victory for three climate activists facing felony charges for their participation in a 2016 multi-state #ShutItDown action that temporarily disabled tar sands pipelines crossing the U.S.-Canada border, a Minnesota state judge dismissed all charges on Tuesday, determining that the prosecution had failed to demonstrate any evidence of damage to a pair of Enbridge pipelines.


Well, this whole thing sounds very much like a judge got paid off (or threatened?) to keep from airing a climate change defense to the public.


I think you must be right. If there was an interruption in service causing a reduction in profit–even if just due to the costs of having to reopen the pipeline, then a damage claim would have been legally valid. The verdict, in a slimy way (pun intended), seems a bit suspect on its face as stated.


This article sits atop the Florida article category 4 hurricane on CD. The fires rage in the mid West, droughts continue and will continue until the paid knuckleheads (Imhoff, Trump, etc.) in Government are removed from office.
You wanna survive?


Survive? That’s a question and a teachable moment for the climate change deniers. I’m not convinced they do; those who’ve been told their rewards come in the afterlife ( aftermath ), by charlatans who profit from the day-to-day drudgery of their labor and isolated spiritual quests. Save yourself by prayer, not even close.
The Florida Panhandle is a hotbed of religious fervor, as was the Carolina region, so maybe their prayers of a 2nd coming are being answered. Only their prayers were redirected by forces more powerful than their god, as they say mother earth will bat last. And, she’s not in any mood to deal with the willfully ignorant.


I doubt she ever was.


Just think: Our very laws, lawyers, and judges; our entire “Justice” system, prevented the Truth from being broadcast. One would think that “judges” of the land would WANT Truth to prevail! Oh wait, didn’t we just get a sloshing mouthful of bile added to the Supreme Court? Yep. I guess Truth is dead in the so called “Justice” system.


That is the whole problem, the judge did not want to focus attention on the problem!


While the Truth of Climate Change missing a Teaching Moment is Valid

More Important was the Opportunity to Establish Case Law for Future Lawsuits

Such rulings by these Judges to Hide Facts under the Generic “Failed to Make their Case” surely suggests a familiar dinner scenario at the local country club


It seems very likely that “someone” had a conversation or provided a communication to the judge.


The National Weather Service now reports 155 mph winds. That would be up to category 5. These things can happen with climate change.

A necessity defense can be strengthened by showing that a vast number of future casualties are in fact needless and can be averted by prompt action.

It would be nice to show that solar heat can be stored for nighttime winter heating of a house. over 50% of New England’s natural gas use is for heating. Next, it would be nice to show that stored solar heat is one answer for nighttime electricity generation, to replace the other half of natural gas use. Solar power towers do this. The solution to bird kills at power towers, the last known engineering problem, will probably be a more limited concentration of suns, good sunshine management on its way to thermal storage. I can design that!

Why on Eaarth (that’s almost like saying “Why in Hades” these days) isn’t anybody interested in these two projects succeeding quickly? It would be nice to show some culpability (evidence of guilty feelings is a bonus) on the state and federal government’s part.


I couldn’t believe the irony in that accompanying photo. There the 3 are in front of a government building. It reads CLEARWATER County…maybe when the first leak comes, they can petition to change the county name----because from the first leak, CLEARWATER will be a lie of a name. : (


The most sensible thing to do in this case is to move the refinery to the source. Keep all the filth in one place. There is absolutely no excuse for sending dilbit (heated and diluted bitumen) through a pipeline. While a pipeline carrying deisel fuel or gasoline might not be desirable it is vastly less dangerous to the environment that that vicious dilbit.