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Thanks Bernie


Thanks Bernie

Ruth Conniff

Senator Bernie Sanders, Democratic Socialist of Vermont, just announced that he is running for President in 2020. Give Bernie credit. He may not make it to the promised land, but he led a new generation of progressives with his amazing, nearly victorious primary campaign in 2016, changing the face of the Democratic Party and the future course of American politics.

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‘Thanks to him, Elizabeth Warren was plowing fertile ground in her announcement when she declared, “America’s middle-class is under attack. How did we get here? Billionaires and big corporations decided they wanted more of the pie, and they enlisted politicians to cut them a fatter slice.”’

When the last juice is squeezed out of the middle class it will be game over for all above and below it. The middle class was the secret sauce that allowed the (all too slow) progress that was made during the New Deal and the post WWII years. Addicted to getting every last dollar, the über rich will be found in the metaphorical gutter awaiting their next fix as they slowly shall be shown that greed is indeed one of the seven deadly sins. May they die wholly aware of this fact.



Warren sez:
"Billionaires and big corporations decided they wanted more of the pie, and they enlisted politicians to cut them a fatter slice.”

The appropriate verb is ‘hired’ or ‘invested in’.
Those ‘enlistments’ come with a hell of a signing bonus.



Let’s see . . . age, race and gender . . . three biases in a simple question.

And Bernie’s response sounded rather familiar, as in MLK’s dream about his children living in a nation where they are judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

I guess this is a ‘Progressive’ version of Bernie Bros.



I guess it all over! Sanders is running, the left has won! The USA is to become a land of milk and honey with poverty ended, the wars ended, the support of dictators and thugs the world over ended, the Military to return home, swords to be turned into ploughshares, Climate change addressd, and the nail put into the coffin of Capitalism and its destructive policies.

Geez, thanks bernie. Now go on your way. The rest of you vote for Hilary…oops Kamala!

Might I suggest people wait until this delivered on before they start thanking people for what are nothing more than words? I for one do not see the face of the Democratic Party as having changed , what with some 16 plus ex CIA and National security state individuals as elected members. I mean these guys once made a point of killing Socialists the world over but thanks to bernie, they have seen the light! Right?



Sanders’ speech announcing his candidacy DID address race, gender, LGBTQ equality. Bernie has a track record of promoting such equality. Despite being firmly entrenched within the 1%, the Roosevelts did more for the US 99% than other US Presidents did, proving that you don’t need to be poor, female, black, brown, or LGBTQ to help those groups.

Note also that gender, race, LGBTQ and other equality issues have always been driven by income and wealth equality. The bigger the wealth gap gets, the more inequality results. You can’t start solving those issues until you solve the wealth inequality problem. Sanders and Warren have the best track records on this issue.



But he should recognize, and celebrate, the inevitability that a younger, browner, more female progressive leadership represents our country’s future.

And a 2020 Bernie presidency will be the bridge to that future.



Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Peace



In her last paragraph of this article, Ruth seems to be speaking directly to Bernie saying, "If you want to be truly progressive and win, choose Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as your running mate."

Alexandria would keep a short leash on Bernie for sure.



“But he should recognize, and celebrate, the inevitability that a younger, browner, more female progressive leadership represents our country’s future.”

What to make of this superficial nonsense? Didn’t we already have a browner and younger one in Obama? What exactly did he do to claim the mantel of progress? And why would gender make a difference? Or is this is a disguised hit peace on Bernie, on behalf of the Kamala Harris’ tribe interests?



The author is full of horse puckey.

First, Trump wasn’t elected in a backlash against Obama being black. Obama won twice handily, and twice he handed over legislative leadership to the likes of Max Baucus (Thanks for the RomneyCare), Joe Biden (Thanks for dropping 26,000 bombs on seven countries in one year), and Nancy Pelosi (Thanks for bailing out Wall St and screwing Main St). Then the d-party thought it would be great to run the ultimate insider, Hillary – just effin’ wow.

Second, are you suggesting skin color, gender, and age litmus tests? As I recall, that’s precisely the Identity Politics you ran on in 2016. How’d that work out?

Third, please refrain from heaping praise on the guy who did more to transform your all-but-moribund party in the wake of one of the most pitiful losing streaks in American electoral history as a way of ushering him out the door. I’m old, white, cis gender, and male, Ms Coniff, and I dare say, a damn sight more socialist and liberal than 95% of the youth, people of color, LGBTQ community, and women in this backward-ass country, and I’m certainly positioned well to the left of your sad excuse for a party.

Lastly, thanks for reminding me why I’m not a Democrat.



Good question and one we should not be left wondering if a journalist was clear in their writing.

This piece reeks of condescension.

Whatever it is Ruth is trying to say in this bizarre, passive aggressive "thanks Bernie. . but . . " way could have been said in a simple tweet which gratefully I would have missed since I avoid twitter.



Whoever wrote the headline must have truncated it from the one that Ruth Conniff (who is much older than that old pic indicates) must have written:

“Thanks, Bernie, You Can Go Home Now. Vote for Kamala Harris!”

This hack has been on my list of establishment propagandists ever since she did her best to destroy Occupy Wall Street.



I have been watching Bernie for a very long time, over a decade. She missed by a country mile. He has a quality few possess, humility. He is shy about taking credit when credit due. She missed by a country mile!!!



Shallow Identity Politics: Bernie is tone deaf, after all he is an old, white, Anglo, Cisgender, straight male and yet he has the temerity to run for President again when there are females or people of color running. (Jewish? What you talking about?)

Real Justice For Women and People of Color Politics: Bernie is committed to advancing the rights and meeting the needs of people of color and women and has one of the best records for doing so since he was arrested for protesting segregation in the early Sixties.

Don’t trust establishment hacks. They use Identity Politics only in order to win to keep the NeoLiberal Imperialist order going. They don’t really care about the average working class woman or person of color.



Excellent posts, thank you.

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Current Pic



Damn. She’s too old to write about politics.




No, but the fact she posts a pic from her youth, when she writes, to make her appear a Millennial is really a questionable tactic from someone who is supposed to be reporting truth.

I mean I think that kind of behavior would be justification for kicking her off a dating site, don’t you?

She was born September 28, 1968. She is an older Gen Xer. The fact she is an editor of a magazine isn’t that surprising when you know she is 50, but if she was 25 like she appears in her pic, then it would be pretty extraordinary.



Definitely against the rules at dateahackpundit.com.

Also disqualifying her from writing about politics: Ignoring Bernie having raised more money faster than Warren, Harris, and Klobuchar combined. The attacks on Bernie from the establishment today are coming in right on cue. He scares the Dems shitless: