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Thanks, Climate Change. From Floods to Tornadoes, Extreme Weather Wreaks Havoc Across Globe



Snow in Oklahoma? Prepare for a Coburn moment...


Sometimes the facts don't need any words to make their point.


To some extent climate change appears to have made these extreme weather events worse. Probably overdevelopment played a role in increased flooding in some places. The relationship between El Ninos and La Ninas is one of those areas of climate science that is not well understood. The silver lining in this is there should be help for the severe drought in California. There has been a lot of snow in the mountains so that should help with water shortage problem that has been created by four years of drought and a lot of rain is expected soon.


Besides the political climate change deniers, people are not helping with climate change either. According to some statistics more people than ever drove or flew around over this holiday season. Wearing heavy sweaters indoors in winter is frowned about. Carter was belittled over his wearing sweaters in the White House. He had foresight about the climate and the waste long before many. Now the sweaters are needed in summer to enter most places with the air conditioning going full blast.


I'm coming to the realization that James Lovelock is probably right. We have passed the tipping point where anything we could do about climate change is futile. We are faced with a world that is going to be increasingly unfamiliar. Yes, try to grow some of your own food. Stop eating meat. Put some solar panels on your roof. Stop jet-setting around the globe. Organize with like-minded people locally. Those are all good things. They give us something to do in the face of the inevitable. But, by the end of the century the continued survival of the human race will be very chancy.


Just keep having more children. Everything will be fine.


So the planet's atmospheric systems spinning out of control is no big deal? Or did I misinterpret your sarcasm?


Please give us your plan to bring down the rate of population growth.


Yeah, how many canaries have to die in this earth mine before this phenomenon of climate change reaches critical mass?


I keep mine at 62 day, 55 night and wear warm shirts and warm comforters in the bed.


Well said!


Oh, and maybe along with sweaters we should not start another war in the Middle East. The US military is the single biggest user of fossil fuels on the planet.


Senator "Snowball" Coburn hails from Oklahoma. He will no doubt fill his ice chest with snow and take it to Washington, D.C. when the Senate reconvenes.


Just say no.


gotcha......sorry i need more coffee


That has as much efficacy as Just Say No to Drugs.




Look first off geoengineering is not chemtrails okay? That one author wrote a book and latched onto the word geoengineering to make his conspiracy theory pseudo science sell more copies.

Why don't one of you chemtrail theorists do more then just say go visit that website? How about some scientific proof? You guys act like nobody is investigating this yet you talk as if it has been proven! So which is it? If scientists have proven these theories as factual then show us these facts and scientific proof.

To say "Oh there is proof but governments won't let you see it." is ridiculous. If no one sees it than how come you say it is proven? Scientists publish constantly and while something might be removed it is very hard to keep something out of publication by an accredited scientist.

Show some proof instead of naming that one crank's website. Sheesh! Like pilots from all over the world are part of some secret society to do what? Change the weather for the worst? Why would they? for the better? Well it ain't working. To just do it for no other reason than they can? Well for that go visit that website then.


Umm, Aren't you forgetting over consumption? This meme of overpopulation is generally used against people of color, developing nations whose per capita consumption--including China--is well below that of the West while the latter gets a pass on its contribution to environmental catastrophe with its consumptive ways.