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Thanks for the Memories, Stephen Harper


Thanks for the Memories, Stephen Harper

Antonia Zerbisias

There's no question that Stephen Harper, Canada's former prime minister, will be leaving a legacy when he quits parliament this summer.

A political mastermind, he united the country's fractious right in 2003 when his Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) was born. In 2006, he led it to the first of its three successive electoral victories. Canada was his for nine years - at least until Justin Trudeau's Liberals trounced his government last October.


"You will never see him hanging around Ottawa worrying about his legacy". Sounds like Harper is dialed in to the corporate speaking fee circuit that former US Presidents exploit. Why hang around DC when there is money to be made in the technology and financial centers ?


Stephen Who?


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As in America , politicians who cater to Israel are well funded, receive favorable press,and are immune to criticism no matter how destructive are their ideas.