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Thanks to Activism, And Sanders, Obama Changes Course on Social Security



This is just the beginning:
Right now the “lady” is still skinny, trying to put on some weight. It will be a looong time before she sings.
- And that will not be at the convention, no matter who will be the nominee.
- It will not be after the election in November regardless of the outcome.
- Nor will it be in January 2017 at the inauguration of the new President.

It will be much further down the road, when America has fundamentally changed.
Then we will hear her joyful voice!


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Well, it's nice and all that a lame duck president is finally willing to take the side of preserving Social Security, but "the politicians" are not by any means "embracing" this, and they certainly aren't likely to try and make it a "defining issue" in 2016. If they'd been so inclined, they'd have made preserving Social Security an issue a long, long time ago. This is a nice, but ultimately empty symbol.


Thank you, Bernie Sanders and other liberal groups --

HOWEVER, this is the second article I've read on this subject and neither
acknowledges that Obama did in fact CUT Social Security by stopping the
COLA's for two years -- and then by cutting the COLA's with the chained
COLA. Those actions have had a very negative effect long term on SS benefits.

As is clear from COLA's that support government salaries, they are not just
about one year -- they are the under base for the succeeding years and
compound to keep the benefit current with inflation.

Additionally, we need to ensure that we know what the true rate of inflation is
year by year -- and our government has been lying to us about that since the
Vietnam War.


Obama also eliminated the employee contribution portion of the Social Security tax for two years (2011-2012) thereby defunding the trust account by billions.

The positive side of that action is that it provided the best Congress money can buy with less money to "borrow" for their corporate welfare schemes.


Obama deserves no praise for this. This is only what a decent president should do. Now if he would only drop his support for the awful trade deals I might not have such animosity towards him.


About effin time but how is this supposed to justify his pushing the TPP and the TIPP? Now are we to believe that he is now at this late date the man we thought we voted for?


What odds or spread will you give? Even money is a fool's bet. Hillary is carrying too much weight.


Actually, the Party of the 1% is doing just what is expected of them and if they get voted in the country deserves every cut they give us. Obama on the other hand no longer surprises with his psudoconcilerary pretenses.


This article credits the left and progressives for the change. Don't forget that many Republicans also favor strengthening Social Security. Ax I recall The Donald promised it. Perhaps Obama's call is prompted as much to defuse The Trumpeter as to please the progressives. It is all about politics and not about pleasing the 99%


Obama, and the current power center of the Democratic National Corporation have no intention whatsoever to back away from their plans to back away from the New Deal, ever so slowly.

This "turn around" by Obama is designed to help seal the deal for Clinton as nominee for President.

Clinton as president will of course work diligently with her corporate servicing counterparts i.e., corporate representation in the duopoly, to incrementally screw the masses out of their earned benefits.


Just keep pointing it out here at Common Dreams so that others know what
the truth is --



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ray --
Vaguely recall something about changes to FICA collections but I don't think
I ever got back to actually looking closely at what it was all about.
Was this in response to "Great Recession"?
Thanks --


and where exactly is Ms. Shillary in the battle to improve social security? As for Obama, we owe him exactly nothing. It was BERNIE who has pushed to save, improve and expand social security and medicare for all. TO HELL WITH ALL THE REST OF THE DAMN DEMOCRATS. We have been sold out a long time ago by them and their rich lobbyists and supporters from Wall st. and the big banks. I am headed for a new third party!


Even the thug Bush regime did better on taking care of the elderly that Obomber.


Social Security provides retirement, disability, and survivor's benefits. After ending actual welfare, Bill Clinton had just enough time to begin similarly "reforming" Social Security, targeting the disabled. (In fact the disabled became the fastest-growing group of homeless people by 2000 as a result.) Liberal media does some reporting on Social Security retirement, but says very little about the Democrats' record on Social Security disability since the Clinton administration.

President Obama was able to get disability benefits restored, undoubtedly saving lives. This, too, was largely ignored by media. In 2015, the Clinton wing in Congress voted with the Republicans to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled, cutting monthly allotments from roughly $115 to $10.

There is no question that Hillary Clinton hopes to pick up where her husband left off, dismantling Social Security one part at a time -- the way that our former welfare programs were dismantled.