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Thanks to Climate Change, Arctic Sea Ice At Chilling New Lows: Scientists


So, show me a link or something… about these 19,000 scientist… they may be trying to get another one over on us… but that doesn’t negate the realities of climate change…


Every once in a while on the commuter train there is a guy who gets on and plays 3 card Monte for money with passengers. The first thing that happens is that a volunteer comes up and wins some money. Then other people want to play. The problem is the “volunteer” is working with him, gets on at the same stop and comes in from the opposite direction on the car. The game is rigged and the only people who win are low-money betters who then bring in more marks. The petition Couch is talking about it like that–a complete lie from start to finish, rigged and set up to fool innocent people. After a few months of this, his “assistants” started to appear with assistant shills of their own to follow, word by word, the head con artist’s script.

Couch is talking about the Oregon Petition. Speaking of a farce…the (unenforced) minimum “requirements” to be a “scientist” and sign this petition are a bachelors degree in science, computers or engineering or related subject. Studies of the people signing this hoax have shown that some people with their names on it never signed it. Some of those have been informed, have asked to have their names removed and have been ignored. Some people with their names on it do not even have BA or BS degrees. Many fake names have been found but never removed. and the overwhelming majority on it are NOT climate scientists by any stretch of the definition. Even if you take them at their word about who’s a scientist, it means the number who have signed is about .03% of actual scientists in the US, not even counting the vastly larger number if all those who qualified under the terms of the petition. All told, 39 actual climate scientists have signed, out of tens of thousands in the world. (I don’t know how they found 39 such idiotic climate scientists (or put their names on without permission) but that remains an infinitesimal number compared to those who actually know what they’re talking about and therefore accept the science on global warming and wish these reprehensible reality deniers, fossil fuel shills and dupes and Koch-Exxon-ALEC et al liars would go the frack away and stop trying to interfere with rational action to avoid global chaos.


This is typical of denying delayalist arguments. Complete fracking fluid to start with, relentlessly repeated even after being shown to be fracking fluid, and believed by people who apparently don’t have enough intelligence to see through it, and with psychological issues that make them vulnerable to these particular lies. The most laughable part of Couch’s post–s/he’s not even up on the latest numbers they’re lying about!


The article should have posted a relevant picture. One 4 1/2 years old and late summer rather than late winter was sloppy journalism.


Meanwhile, over at Fox News:

"New Climate Paper Gives Global Warming Alarmists ‘One Helluva Beating’
By James Delingpole, Breitbart News

A new scientific paper has driven yet another nail into the coffin of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming theory. (H/T Bishop Hill)

The paper – Rethinking the lower bound on aerosol radiative forcing by Bjorn Stevens of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany, published in the American Meteorological Society journal – finds that the effects of aerosols on climate are much smaller than those in almost all the computer models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Aerosols are the minute particles added to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels (as well as by non-anthropogenic sources, like volcanoes). The reason they are important is that they are so often cited by alarmists to excuse the awkward fact that the world has stubbornly failed to warm at the disastrous rate they predicted it would."