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Thanks to GOP Stonewalling, Experts Say Congress 'Already Too Late' to Prevent Lapse in Unemployment Benefits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/thanks-gop-stonewalling-experts-say-congress-already-too-late-prevent-lapse

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Thank Pelosi, too, for people not getting stimulus checks. “It’s not gonna happen”…were her words before the election. She didn’t wanna give Trump a win regarding the checks.

It’s a good thing the media completely blocked any criticism of Biden before the election. He may have lost. On Jimmy Dore, you can hear Biden completely ignoring some African-American activists requesting he support a national registry of police brutality.

You will never have a decent world if you vote Democrat or Republican for Prez. The Green party’s Howie Hawkins was the guy to vote for.


Donald Trump; a real man of the people, right? Who is truly going to make America great again. Trust him, by all means. Just look at the results so far; 300K dead, millions of " long haulers "and climbing, he’s already achieved this greatness by putting his re-election ahead of the general welfare of the country, too. What a guy!!!
Trump’s main tactical move is killing off about 25% of the men, women and children the prior GOP nominee in 2012, M. Romney, called " takers ". He identified about 1/2 the population so we should expect the current POTUS to be really busy until he leaves center stage in mid-January. Not passing this legislation, this last efffort, pretty much seals the start of a huge internal collapse in the country. Snowball rolling down the hill and all that. Exactly what the GOP wants if they don’t get to be the big bosses, it seems.
They’ve created a picture, intentional or not, where it appears the entire Republican Congressional membership is endorsing this " genocide by indifference ". Pretty sick stuff!
The Democratic Party is often too harsh and/or has a neon FOR SALE sign outside its headquarters. But, it’s got nothing; not even a close call here, on the only other crooked game in town. Nothing! The GOP wins in a landslide.
What awful people we have to choose from to be our executioners. What to do? Maybe a 3rd or 4th option is the answer during a time of national crisis { snark }. Who really knows these days?

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Exactly. Both the GOP and the centrist Democrats have worked together to not work together to help the working class, but easily managed to keep funding the bloated war machine and of course throw in more tax breaks for corporations and the rich.


It’s not congress stonewalling, it’s the senate alone. A number of bills have been forwarded by the House dems.

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Pelosi already admitted that she wasn’t open to dealing before the election because Trump.

“That was not a mistake, it was a decision,” Pelosi said of her choice to demand for months a deal three times as large as what she’s now settling for. “That is a total game changer — a new President and a vaccine.”


When will the propagandists of the “Democratic” (sic) Party’s cult of mandatory optimism and their pseudo-Left collaborators stop excusing 300,000-plus Covid-19 murders as “GOP Stonewalling” and start calling it what it is: GENOCIDE

(Yes it is more cunningly slow-motion and therefore a bit less obvious than Hitler’s mass murders, but by now it is proving itself every bit as deadly as Zyklon-B toward its primary targets: all peoples of color, Hispanics, sexual minorities and most of all the entire Working Class. )