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Thanks to Industrial Pollution, 90 Percent of Seabirds Have Plastic in Guts



90% of seabirds? Just my feeling, mind you, but I think she'd get at least four Pinnochios for that one -- maybe even Pants on Fire,,


In the old days DuPont used to say "better living through chemistry". Does that seem a bit hard to swallow?


I can believe it. This has been a long time coming, ever since the first "modern" houses with their plastic gizmos and containers got washed out in floods (along with dumping). These items in turn break down into smaller parts. Plus the animals haven't evolved evasive feeding habits yet, and what don't go through the gullets will accumulate, and so on. Multiply that with the pervasiveness of plastics in EVERYTHING.


I saw this subject on another web-site last night. The evidence given and shown in the photo's was enough to make you puke. Here I am worry about the radiation coming from Japan and this too??? There isn't just one giant dump in the pacific ocean, there are 5 circling the globe. Bubble wrap should not be on anyone's diet, but there you have it.


One of the things i tell my friends is "There's nothing in the world i love more than cheap plastic crap!"

What if you read articles like this, and say "Whoa! What are they selling me? What am i buying? And why?" Can we have a gut-level disgust at this, and STOP BUYING cheap plastic crap?

i know the argument: Not buying won't SOLVE any problem. Great! Keep buying toxic plastic crap, and CAFO industrial meat, and child slave-labor chocolate, and giant toxic death-machines (automobiles), with a clean conscience. NOT buying it is a meaningless "lifestyle" gesture (of course BUYING toxic death merchandise should never be denounced as "lifestyle"). Pay no attention to that visceral reaction when you notice the death of everything. Living your life in keeping with your knowledge is meaningless, and powerless.

Actually though, living your life in keeping with your knowledge, is one of the primary sources of your power. Even though it means "giving up" a lot of toxic death merchandise.

And no, this does NOT MEAN "fuck politics." Organize to stop murderous criminals from ripping the planet apart and telling us that's what we want. AND: Don't buy it. Both / and.

Oh, but the major household crisis if we don't buy an endless stream of small plastic bottles of whatever... or smart phones... hey wanna watch a movie... sorry i'm so cynical...