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Thanks to Rand Paul's 'Cowardly Flip-Flop,' Senate Committee Approves Warmonger Pompeo


Thanks to Rand Paul's 'Cowardly Flip-Flop,' Senate Committee Approves Warmonger Pompeo

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) reversed course at the last minute in a "cowardly flip-flop," the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday voted along party lines to advance President Donald Trump's Secretary of State pick Mike Pompeo to the full Senate with a favorable recommendation.

"Rather than act as a check against Trump and a dangerous new Middle East escalation, these senators are granting the president a war cabinet."
—Jamal Abdi, NIAC Action


Another sellout and a telling sign of a reckless, increasingly corrupt and dangerous regime fronting for a bankrupt empire in precipitous decline. How predictable that our Asshole-in-Chief would want to surround himself with this bunch of neocon zealots. Reminds me of those wacky years when Tricky Dick surrounded himself with a gang like Kissinger, Kleindienst, Ehrlichman, and Haldeman who came to be referred to as “Nixon’s Nazis”. Back then, Nixon was interested in using nukes against North Vietnam but Kissinger, of all people, said no. Also, some of Nixon’s Generals were so worried about his mental state that they agreed not to follow orders from him to use nukes.
With Trumpo, there seems to be no such safety guard. President Bone Spurs repeatedly asked an arms expert before his “election” why we couldn’t use nukes and I have no trouble believeing that his recklessness couldn’t order them against some perceived enemy. Without a variety of considered opinions (which he will not get from this bunch) the chances of extreme action are more likely.
“President” Trump and his War Cabinet. What could go wrong?


So predictable. Never had a doubt.


Investors in the US MIC are rejoicing. Pompeo is their kind of man. He will do everything in his power to keep their coffers filled…


At heart Trump is a coward. That is what makes him extremely dangerous.


He’s also not real smart, except for when it comes to self-preservation, maybe.


This wasn’t a flip-flop, this was calculated to ensure enough votes. Paul comes out against, dumb Dems then figure how many no votes needed, once they get that number, Paul changes. This shit is done all of the time on close votes.


#TheResistance. Seriously at this point why should we be shocked anymore.


Call his office and ream him out, whether he’s your senator or not.
I also recommend bombarding creeps like the DINOs of Heitkamp, Manchin, and Donnelly and reading them the riot act.
Keep up the pressure on your own senators.

A bunch of irresponsible greedy m-f’s,
Deaths from WWIII—the blood is on their hands…like they care.


Was there ever any doubt. Quinessential political coward.


You know you’re once again falling for a false meme on Clinton giving Kim Jong Il billions, right?


Let’s face it. This guy probably really represents what the US is all about - at least for the elite - a bombastic, arrogant, violent and lawless nation. When you look at its history how can you dispute that. Pompeo follows a long line of idiotic, irresponsible and reckless people who have led this nation. When or will the average people of the US wake up to the fact that we have been maintaining the wrong way so often. Or are they just a “settler” class of people looking for saviors in people like Andrew Jackson or Donald Trump?


You’re referring to GDP growth.

Some advice: If you want to make your points, try some accuracy. Otherwise, you’ll sound like the president.


Rand Paul is not Ron Paul.


Nice swastika design in the brass behind Rand Paul.


You’re wrong. Here’s proof, read it for yourself, including this quotation:

“GDP Annual Growth Rate in North Korea averaged -0.36 percent from 1990 until 2016…”


I pity you. You clearly cannot comprehend the difference between GDP (a single year measurement), and GDP growth (a comparison of year-to-year GDP).

You cited a statistic on growth, which averaged out over a 16-year period in which GDP went up and down to be -0.36%, yet claimed, like a moron, that somehow North Korea produced negative amounts of domestic product over that period.

Don’t bother responding–I’m out.