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Thanks to Sanders, Democratic Party Just Debated Merits of Capitalism



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Every time I see this character I see the character of colonizing predatory capitalism.


Sanders set the tone of the debate. He's the one drawing the other Democratic candidates into adopting elements of his platform. Does anyone think Hillary would even be showing half-hearted opposition to TPP and the KXL pipeline if it weren't for Sanders? Or that, absent Sanders, the Dems wouldn't be engaging in a slugfest like the Republicans?

Or that capitalism would even have been mentioned?

Setting the tone and platform is what a leader does.

Bernie Sanders, 2016


Sen.Sanders has done all thinking and working USains a huge favor. Allowing for disagreements among Dems but moving the debate to the left of center with every passing day. In Iowa, a state that has seen recent prosperity because of huge subsidies to the Agri-Business sector, he gets 55% on being right on the issues for those most likely to be caucus goers. Hillary and O'Malley split the rest. That's winning, folks. The Bernster's gun legislative issues, if they really are indeed that, will be seen as moderate and doable. In the large group I watched the debate with, some 70 people, it was his only slight misstep on domestic policy. And, he's correct to say that it must be a bipartisan approach, or it will never go anywhere in Congress. His failure to call Benghazi what it really was is disappointing since the old, " you can't handle the truth " scenario of American duplicity and covert operations, is no secret to most adult Americans of either party. They know the Alphabets are up to their collective eyeballs in nastiness but, in the end, that simply doesn't feed the bear outside the door. But it frees Sen. Sander's real message from being lost in the upcoming committee hearings. Bernie is doing very well in spite of the MSM focus on horse races. BTW- I sat most of the evening with a GP member. He likes Bernie but doesn't feel the Dem's PTB will give him a fair shot at the nomination. And, the MSM will call him a Marxist or produce some other rubbish about him if he does win it. I asked what he thought of the GP in Oregon. He says it's very disorganized, and almost secretive, since the 2000 campaign of Nader. I asked him if it's more of a clique or a cult. He said it's right in the middle of both and he's registered as a GP member. I've heard the same thing from GP members in Hawaii and Washington state, too. And, that should not surprise anyone at CD who's ever attended high school or a private religious school. Just sayin' but not judgin', really. It's pretty obvious, anyway.


It is not capitalism itself that is being argued.....The problem with capitalism is the way that big corporations play it....They want it all they dont want to be responsible for their actions...For causing economic hardships laying off workers and moving over seas....Refusing to offer any reasonable hourly wage no benefits..and creating products that cause death and injury and be free of law suits or punitive damages..or creating super fund sites poisoned beyond any use for mankind and expecting tax payers to clean it up...These guys dont want no regulations no hindrance to their exploiting our resources and polluting them...Heaven forbid any taxes if anything they want constant subsidies payed for by tax payers and to pay no taxes on profits..and the ability to be called people and be able to spend millions on campaigns buying lawmakers by the dozen....Now does this describe todays Capitalism.....Yes it does......Is this a system that any citizen would want to support..Only GOP idiots ..not working people.........Companies that hate taking care of the people that work and make them rich....This is one sided capitalism....This free market bull shit creates one class of rich and the rest are called moochers the wanters of free stuff..We are tired of their brand of capitalism.
These are the names that these corporations use to describe the working class..

.SAY NO to this tyranny VOTE BERNIE. Lets get it right this time.


I do not think Sanders a socialist . I do not think his election to the Presidency will do much to change US foreign policy nor do I think it will do enough to move the US towards the road it needs to go on.

It might be a step in that direction .

Again as the author suggests the most important thing to come out of this is that it will help break down the resistance to the term Socialism


I dunno, his hair is pretty Karl-Marx-style wild. At last he is clean-shaven.


One thing that can be said at a minimum about this debate at least - the debaters seem to be actual rational people unlike the display of lunacy that the Republicans put on.

The over-the-top commercial glitz and game-show-esque stage and raucous sports-arena like crowd sure was irritating. Remember when the debates were put on by the League of Women Voters and the like - spectators, if any, were limited to polite applause at the end, and were visible on the broadcast network channels accessible to all (I don't have cable)?


"Do I consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little, by which Wall Street's greed and recklessness wrecked this economy? No, I don't."

Music to my ear! He is the one. This is not Obama speaking. Bernie is the real deal.


He isn't a socialist. Take it from an actual democratic socialist; he's a New Deal Reactionary, a throwback to the kinds of ideas that were the mainstream Democratic Party platform 50 years ago. The fact he can call himself a socialist and people believe him shows how far right our entire political landscape has drifted.

He's still by far the best viable candidate on the field, of course.


"Capitalism unfettered leads to fascism" RFKJr

How can we fetter capitalism when capitalists rule?


He's about as socialist as a President could be allowed to be. But you're right, I'm a socialist - Bernie's a fair bit to the right of me.


that's exactly what capitalism is when it's devoured all the profits from actual production. That's theory. And that's also practice.

My feeling is this: if you can't discuss your dominant economic system without constantly apologizing for it and qualifying it with soft words, then maybe your system is the problem.


He is, but even I would grant that he has to be pragmatic. Reintroducing pinko into the American bloodstream after 3 generations of exile is a tricky process. Radicals need to be mindful of that sometimes. So this is one of the places where I cut Sanders a lot of slack. He's probably well aware of what these terms really mean, but he knows he's gotta be gentle about deploying the s-word.


You can't. At least, not for very long. There have been 3 serious attempts to leash this beast, and the New Deal was by far the only one that held for any time. But even the most restraining New Deal legislation only lasted for a few years until the reaction began with Taft Hartley.

I don't understand why people think regulation can work for the long haul. It never has and it never will.


Hahaha! Loved it. Helped remove the gloomy residue of today.


Based on Senator Sanders' agenda, he is Social Democrat (not to be be confused with the Democratic Party in the U.S.) Please refer to the following (condensed) summaries as published by Wikipedia.org for easy understanding:

Social democracy

Social democracy is a political ideology that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a capitalist economy, and a policy regime involving welfare state provisions, collective bargaining arrangements, regulation of the economy in the general interest, redistribution of income and wealth, and a commitment to representative democracy.

Democratic socialism

Democratic socialism is a political ideology advocating a democratic political system alongside a socialist economic system, involving a combination of political democracy (usually multi-party democracy) with social ownership of the means of production. Although sometimes used synonymously with "socialism", the adjective "democratic" is sometimes added to distinguish itself from non-democratic forms of socialism, such as Marxist–Leninism.

Words make a difference ... even the order of the words.

As anyone can readily determine after reading the condensed summaries above, Senator Sanders is Social Democrat ... NOT a Democratic Socialist as he claims.

The Proof
Senator Sanders is not advocating for the key components of democratic socialism:

  • Replacing the economic system of capitalism with socialism, or
  • Replacing the private ownership of (large) business/corporations with social (public) ownership.

I realize that Senator Sanders has the right to call himself what ever he wants ... even if it is wrong. After all, most of the populace that is supporting him doesn't know the difference. Furthermore, they just plain don't care.


YYYeeeessss, Yyeessss, Yes, yes, Yyyesss Yes, yess..........


That all depends on how much time we have left. As the scale of environmental destruction increases and as the current US Government seems intent on a war with Russia and China , a step in the right direction could be too little too late .

Obviously if these things occur debating what should and could of been done would be pointless as there would be no one left to have that debate.

That is except the 1 percent snuggling up tight in their bomb shelters, but that seems the endgame they would want in any case.