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Thanks to 'War on Whistleblowers,' US Ranks 41st on Press Freedom Index



America may be 41st in the war on Whistleblowers, but according to the Guinness Book of World War Records America is #1 in:

Nation fighting greatest number of simultaneous wars.
Nation with greatest number of troops stationed abroad.
Nation with the greatest number of foreign bases.
Nation with greatest number of troops in foreign nations.
Nation with the greatest number of troops at sea.

Nation selling the greatest quantity of weaponry to the world.

Nation whose weaponry is used on both sides of the greatest number of wars.

Nation whose military most often
trains two sets of troops to fight against each other.

Only nation that has dropped nuclear bombs on cities.

Nation using and selling the most cluster bombs, depleted uranium weapons, white phosphorus, and napalm.

Nation that has overthrown the most other governments.

Nation that has participated in the most wars since World War II.

Nation that has killed the most people since World War II.

Only nation in which a presidential candidate has been asked in a televised debate if he will be willing to kill thousands of innocent children as part of their basic duties if elected!

Yes, Amerika is really #1!


I see Russia comes 148th, way down the table, 107 places behind the USA, which I'm sure will have all the Putin worshippers/defenders on this site crying 'conspiracy!' and questioning who exactly funds this organisation etc.


You certainly presume a lot based on very little, don't you? Why am I a troll for pointing out a fact. Putin is no better than elites/politicians in the USA, a similar sociopath, and far worse in many respects. If you can't see that you're a bit of a deluded fool.

The subject matter is a story about press freedom rankings therefore it is on topic. You on the other hand are distracting this to be about calling me a troll or and attacking me personally.

You're obviously new here. Wait till you've been around a while. Many are, true, but well, stick around.

I'm not afraid of Russia. I'm more afraid of the USA. Who said I was? Why are you afraid of the truth? And why are you such a bigot you read so much into so little?

Yeah I know all that. What's it got to do with this subject? Stay on topic, will you. Just like a troll distracting things off topic.


Hobgoblin has a good question. China is right close to Russia at the bottom of this list, well below Liberia, for example. It is reported that this organization has 20 members. How can they, or anybody, possibly give an accurate report on the state of media in the whole world. It would require at least 100 people just to be able to read and understand the different languages! Yes. Who funds them? A related question is what is meant by media? Does the ranking include social and alternative media? It would be impossible to give a ranking if these were included due to the vastness of the postings and information. The report is literally meaningless.


I don't care where Russia, China, or North Korea is on that list as it relates to the US, the country whose Bill of Rights was once a model, and who pioneered freedom of the press. To be anything less than first on this list is a national disgrace.


Great post Shantiananda!!!!!


Thank you, but I wish it was not true!


Oh; really? We Brits invented you lot and were being thoroughly stroppy for some hundreds of years well before your wealthy tax dodgers decided to revolt.


I totally agree with you. I'm trying everything in my own small and legal way to help fix it.


Thank you. If millions of us do what they can in a small way that will help in a big way. Look at what happened with Bernie's contributions, $27.00 does not seem like much but if one million people contribute $27.00 that is $27,000,000.00!


Typical 'exceptionalist,' arrogant American, everything has to revolve around the USA. Oh, I see, it's a competition, is it? Why do you always have to be No.1? Why don;t you just try and improve it so you at least come closer to the true no. 1 which appears to be Finland. Learn from them.

Who mentioned China and North Korea? Why put Russia, instinctively, in the same bracket as them? I didn't.

Again more bullshit US exeptionalism. I think you were brainswashed in school as a child and by your films and media and it's stuck.


I wish you good luck with trying to be rational on here!


You are clearly exceptional at flying off the handle.

I'll be the first to admit that we are all victims of the culture we grow up in, but I do try to educate myself beyond what the history books say.

From this article:

Once the standard by which new governments modeled their own public contract with citizens, the U.S. Constitution is losing its appeals with other countries, particularly regarding human rights.

Three decades ago, it was estimated that 160 nations had modeled their constitution after that of the United States.

Today, however, “constitutional similarity to the United States has clearly gone into free fall,” according to a new academic study appearing in the New York University Law Review. “Over the 1960s and 1970s, democratic constitutions as a whole became more similar to the U.S. Constitution, only to reverse course in the 1980s and 1990s.

(This is a good thing. The US Constitution is primarily a property rights document in need of major amendment to modernize it.)

Last time I checked, the Untied States was the first country to constitutionally guarantee freedom of the press, so it does kinda make us pioneers. Unfortunately we pioneered our way into a corporate-owned media complex that does more harm than good.

And it does seem to me, considering the US as sole superpower, that it would be a good thing for the entire globe if this country was first in press freedoms as opposed to first in military might.

I mentioned China and North Korea, because like Russia, they are in the US crosshairs, which is why I assumed you mentioned Russia--otherwise why bring it up?

I didn't realize that it is uniquely American to want to be first, to win. Well if that's my lot in my life, I'll deal with it. I am proud of my desire to want to be first in press freedoms, equally embarrassed that the US is not first in healthcare, education, and green energy development, and horrified by some of the things we are first in, like gun violence, mass incarceration, and war making.


What ever happened to "freedom & democracy" in America? Oh, that's right, the "dream" has become a "nightmare."
It's now 'free-dumb' and 'dumb-ocracy.' With corporations as people, it's a fascist farce.


I'm a big fan of the Brit culture, but has Great Britain guaranteed freedom of the press in constitutional form yet?


Reporters Without Borders is an internationally recognized organization that officially consults with the UN. It's mission is to help and protect journalists.

In 2010, the organization raised and spent 4.3 million euros:

  • Almost 45% raised through the sale of publications, etc,

  • Another 40% raised from government and public funds, corporations, foundations, private donors, and bequests, and

  • The remaining 15% came from myriad other sources.

  • They spent 90% of their proceeds on their mission.

There's no reason to question the integrity of the organization.


Yeah, you're right in this case. Sorry about that. I was still immersed in arguing with the other poster and mistook you as part of that.

I'm no big fan of constitutions, they usually turn out not be worth the paper or vellum they're written on and they enshrine a country in a particular time and zeitgiest whereas human culture continually evolves. hence now, even in the 21st century, the US must adhere to the cultural anarchronism of carrying vast amounts of weaponry around with them. The list of countries with constitutions is not one that inspires you to marvel at human civilisation and social progress. Not all countries have them, the UK, for example, never has in all its history, it's laws evolve according to the times. So then, it would impossible for it to enshrine freedom of press in a constitution considering it doesn't have one. But papers like The Times, founded in the 18th century has always had the motto 'Publish and be Damned' and earned itself the nickname The Thunderer' way back, for its outspoken views. (Now, unfortunately it's owned by Murdoch and is very much to the right.) Many other countries have evolved free press, it's not unique to the US. And proof that a constitution isn't so great is that, despite, as you say, that you have freedom of the press enshrined in your constitution, you still only score 41st in this list, way behind many other countries, and a bit behind the UK. So doesn't seem to be working, the constitutional guarantee, does it?


WE are British and therefore gentlemen and isn't that enough?

Don't answer that question..........


I suspect, sir, that you are. Any relation to the other George III, the one who caused the ruckus?