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Thanks to 'Weak-Kneed' Dems, Fast Track Heads Back to Senate Floor


Thanks to 'Weak-Kneed' Dems, Fast Track Heads Back to Senate Floor

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Having reached a compromise to advance the White House's corporate-friendly trade agenda, the U.S. Senate will on Thursday vote for a second time on whether to open debate about granting President Barack Obama Fast Track authority to negotiate pending and future trade deals.

This time, thanks to "cosmetic concessions offered to the weak-kneed Democrats," as one writer put it, the measure is expected to pass.


If questioned by voters, the Democratic senators can always use the John Kerry explanation: “I was against the bill before I was for it.”


If the Democrats really were “weak-kneed” all we’d need is knee replacements. Unfortunately, the problem goes much deeper. When it comes to power relations, the differences between the D’s and the R’s are superficial. Unlike the R’s, the D’s have to pretend they actually care that jobs are being lost, that the environment is getting screwed, and that corporations (and the rich for which they stand) are subverting real democracy around the world and replacing it with corporate-friendly secret tribunals. How many will remember the votes of their “representatives” here in the United States of Amnesia?


If this is not clear enough evidence that the two major political parties are one and the same, our democracy and our standard of living will continue to decline. Not only are they the same, their agenda is together to punish the working people and further enrich the already extremely wealthy. The TPP is the killing blow to our economy and to our sovereignty as a nation. Any law we pass to protect our citizens or our environment can and WILL be erased by a corporately appointed Tribunal.

For the sake of the coming generations, and for our own sake as we age, you must stop giving any legitimacy to the two major political parties. You must NEVER AGAIN vote for any candidate affiliated with these corporately controlled political parties. Break the two party system and free yourself --and save our nation while you are at it.


Screw the ISDS (Investor-State Dispute System). What we need is a CCDS (Citizen-Corporate Dispute System): when corporations take actions which threaten human or environmental rights, NGOs could convene a secret tribunal staffed from NGOs which would decide the issue and levy fines against the corporation for potential violations of our rights. If it’s fair for corporations, it’s fair for citizens.


Yes, the Democrats knees are fine, its their moral compass that is broken, not to mention their addiction to corporate cash.


In the end it all comes down to money in either party. "Money will invariably operate in the body of politics as spirit liquors on the human body. They prey on the vitals and ultimately destroy them” - George Washington