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Thanksgiving Is a Tradition. It's Also a Lie


Thanksgiving Is a Tradition. It's Also a Lie

Tommy Orange

Sure, it's a tradition. So is the Confederate flag.


Performed (here) by The Original Castle, 1969
Performed by Coven, 1971


There’s a memorial to the Sandy Creek Massacre south of Denver a ways. It won’t disrupt your road trip to stop. It does have a vibration, I’ll say that much.
The movie Soldier Blue ( so so except for the last scenes ) will give you a pretty graphic depiction of what the author’s father was getting at.
Not every one of us is off today, either. Sorry, the well-oiled machine never shuts down, entirely.
Great article. Thanks CD.


Great article. The corporate “tradition” sure does belie reality. How about a holiday and an honoring for the tribal people of our land?


I agree this is a good article, and suggest a book for those who might want more similar reading - The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America, by Thomas King.


Disagree a little bit----Thanksgiving has become one of our better holidays----and many were upset when Kmart would be open all day on Thanksgiving—where is Kmart today??? Its nice that families get together and sit around a table -----but yes we should rethink what has happened to holidays.

First lets get rid of Columbus Day—second lets make holidays a real holiday again–big stores must be closed----it should be a time people take down time----third have a day or maybe even a few days of remembrance of our past—Native Americans—slavery,this could be a time of understanding the real history of the US and reaching out to different cultures. Martin Luther King Day should be a major holiday.----and Labor Day----this could be called the forgotten day----when people are working more hours at lower pay,Labor Day needs a lot of fixing!!!Memorial Day, do we real take time out to think about what the military is doing around the world, or is there this kind of blind obedience that rules.

But what is most interesting is how all our holidays have become corrupted by consumerism----so maybe there should be a day we call consumer day and celebrate all the crap we buy. People can get on their knees,worship and kiss their stupid phones.


Also, what America needs is A National Holiday called “Voting Day”- Preferrably on A Friday, including the weekend, or maybe even A “Voting Week”- A Holiday free of the voter I.D. scam and the limited voting places with the long lines in the cold- Totally unnecessary and planned to discourage participation…Maybe even hand cast/hand counted ballots by A neutral country such as Iceland or some other honest country…Anything other than these bullshit Republican cheat machines!

This brings to mind the decades ago Voter Inintiative in Alaska to move the Capital from Juneau to an area called Willow, between the population hubs of Anchorage and Fairbanks- A location far from the privy enclave of Juneau, accessible only by air, expensive and not all that hospitable, although my birthplace…A place far removed from the prying eyes and ears of honest citizens, A place where the likes of Lisa Murkowski and Don Young, Governor Sean Parnell, Speaker Mike Chenault, Representative Lynn Gattis, Representative Eric Feige, Rep. Lance Pruitt, Rep. Mike Hawker could do their dirty bidding far from oversight…

The day before the election the Anchorage Times or Daily News had A full, front page color enhanced pictorial of all of the office buildings, owned by all of the politicians, and the current exorbitant price per square foot where these greedy owners charged the State to do their underhanded business… It was mind boggling to realize the scope of the money the State was being charged by these crooks in Juneau, all out of access and earshot of the people…

Well, the day of the vote, some clever tool took A high powered rifle and put A bullet right through the main vein power line into Anchorage, the lions share of the vote in Alaska- The radio was telling people to just go home and not bother voting because all of the street lights and traffic lights were out!

The initiative to move the Capital vote failed because of this…Had there been A full weekend or even next day voting, just maybe Alaskan Politics could have took A turn for the better…


Thanks, Tommy Orange, for a beautiful, heartbreaking article. In my house we no longer celebrate Thanksgiving, for the very reasons you enumerate. We have come to view the “tradition” as whitewashing propaganda. Now we call it “Genocide Day.”


Interesting info—Calif has an interesting way to vote—I vote by mail----the other method is go to a designated voting place in the community—sometimes a fire station, a church or someones garage. Never a wait in line, unless doing early voting. How secure this is I’m not sure. Yes the actual vote day should be a holiday----and schools and the media should emphasize the importance of being involved in elections and what happens after the elections.

When voting by mail I have the time to look things up and make a much more informed choice.


Thanks for the reply!
I was actually afraid I was too off topic, even though not as A reply to your post- Anyway, I was afraid I had wasted my time telling all of that story-
Yes, there are States that one can vote by mail, but they are the exception and not the rule- I keep hearing these horror stories, mostly from poor and backward States, about all of the Bulls_it of trying to vote- It is no secret that Blacks and other minorities are heavily discouraged and in many cased purged from the voting- (Florida 2000 for example)
It is all so corrupt and shouldn’t be- The voting machines are so corruptible- I would like to see paper, hand counted ballots over voting machines any day…


Great post! Yes, what happened to holidays indeed? However, this is about the lie of Thanksgiving the corporate version versus the real life version . Let’s not get off topic. If you want to comment about the article about consumerism , this comment might be more appropriate there.


Thank you Tommy Orange for a very heart-felt article. The US was built on a genocide, fact. Could it be a reason why it is still such a violet country today? May I suggest a book?: An Indigenous People’s History of the United States by Roxinna Dunbar-Ortiz