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That $4,000 Raise Donald Trump and Paul Ryan Promised You Was a Trickle-Down Lie


That $4,000 Raise Donald Trump and Paul Ryan Promised You Was a Trickle-Down Lie

Nick Hanauer

Free tip from a successful businessman: Always get paid.

In selling you their trickle-down tax plan, President Trump and congressional Republicans promised you a $4,000 pay raise.

"This change, along with a lower business tax rate, would likely give the typical American household around a $4,000 pay raise," Trump said in October.


100% of Trump voters: " a giant cluster of festering boils on the arse of the body politic of the U.S. middle and working classes. "
P.S. Do you need to be reminded, yet again, how stupid, bigoted and worthless you and your POTUS really are?


Take a whiff of that trickle

And yes, “you can fire all those lying politicians”

But please have a clear eyed view of who you’d be “hiring” to replace them.


Of course it was a lie. Did anybody expect differently?


Although Hanauer’s assessment is spot on it is only half the story.

Ryan and Trump’s stage 2 is to tell us how the tax cuts reduced the gubmit’s revenue to the point that cuts to social security, Medicare and other “domestic” programs are the only way to fight the deficits that the tax cuts exacerbated.

Not only will the subject workers not get the $4k raise, they and their families will lose exponentially more in cuts to earned benefits.

Trump’s base will, of course, dismiss this article as more fake news.


I fondly recall a candidate who tried to unite working people around fighting income inequality from the ground up.

Not so fondly, I recall Hillary supporters who attacked Bernie for being a grumpy, one-note whiner.

It would almost lead you to believe that Hillary–the ultimate insider–was hellbent on defending the meritocracy, like the rest of the Dem establishment.


If I got an extra $4,000, I must have spent it in my sleep.


What you mean-um “almost”, Kemo Sabé?

As noted several months ago, “Trickle-Down Economics is when the Fat Cats piss on the middle class and it trickles down onto everyone else.”


Hillary is the queen roach, to be sure. However, they ( she and her friends like Lanny Davis ) do not thrive in a meritocracy. The self-enrichment happens behind the walls, in the dark and on the dusty drywall and in powdery muck. If you listen closely, ear to baseboard, you can hear them chalking up.


This TED talk put Hanauer in the spotlight:


Yes, the Bern- we still feel the Bern.


Yes- me too - must have been a fantasy.


Ryan is “retiring” now that the one percenters have their new no tax law. What a scum he is.


Nick Hanauer, you will cease to be a walking contradiction/hypocrite when you start exposing your pal, Jeff Bezos for what he is: someone who got rich on the backs of the poor…