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That Ancient Great Leap Of Faith


That Ancient Great Leap Of Faith

In alluring synchronicity, this week has seen Trump mangling the task of consoling another human being for her loss in war - prompting blistering comparisons to the empathetic Abraham Lincoln at the same task - and George Saunders' winning the Man Booker Prize for "Lincoln In the Bardo." In it, he evokes Lincoln struggling to accept the death of his son amidst war deaths all around him; he ends "reduced, ruined, remade" by a "vigorous compassion" we need today.




Brava lady Zimet for rendering a juxtaposition of the most humane Abraham Lincoln, one of the most if not the most enlightened products of US public leadership, and the idiotic abomination Donald Trump that is the 21st century product of a most ignorant and dysfunctional leadership who is blithely leading the US populace, and possibly the worlds human population, blindly into the abyss of hell.


As difficult as it is, Thank You for that piece

"a burning-away of his hopes and dreams that resulted in a kind of naked seeing of things as they really were“

Truly the fire we are in now.
How we temper remains to be seen.

When one sees the addictions guiding the actions, there seems to be little hope of saving the millions who will be sacrificed on the altar of greed.

And yet we are still called to the Compassionate response.

If Only to say “ I will no longer share the Addiction to Violence”

This I will no longer Do

How many lives will it take

Madness comes for those who finally understand the scope of their Sins and the Light of the Bardo provides only fear and confusion for those Spirits who cannot leave their Addictions behind


Wonderful, poignant article. Articles like these is why I financially support Common Dreams. THANK YOU ABBY ZIMET!

America needs another Lincoln.

" In this sad world of ours, sorrow comes to all."


President Lincoln’s eloquence grew from his lifetime of being a consummate reader…a self-taught one at that. His compassion came from a depth of feeling imparted to him by his mother, his stepmother, sister, and step-siblings. His work ethic came from a youth full of dawn to dark toil and an appreciation for the outcome of those efforts. And he was a president who was perfect the time in which he served…he kept the union (US) together.

And now, on to the current cretinous creep enthroned in the WH…a divider, a low functioning dolt, a prevaricating prxxk, and racist tyrant whose two purposes are: to dismantle our government and demolish our democracy; fill his own coffers at the expense of all mankind.

What can be expected of an evil emperor? Compassion for the families of his fallen tribunes? Not a chance in Haedes.


Well written, rolson.