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'That Backfired': Watch Bernie Sanders Counter Right-Wing Talking Point, Make Case for Medicare for All on Fox News

'That Backfired': Watch Bernie Sanders Counter Right-Wing Talking Point, Make Case for Medicare for All on Fox News

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During a town hall hosted by Fox News Monday night, Sen. Bernie Sanders countered one of the most common right-wing talking points against Medicare for All and made the case for transitioning to a single-payer system—sparking applause from the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania audience.


Watched the whole thing from beginning to end, and Bernie scored “hugely” on all points. It’s a god damn shame that he gets almost no coverage on the so called “liberal” networks, but I think it was an excellent idea to go on Fox to let those viewers actually see and hear from the horses mouth what his policies would be and how they would be paid for.


While I didn’t watch this town hall, I understand Bernie represented himself very well, particularly on Medicare For All, in a fairly hostile venue. He succeeded in presenting his politics and vision for the country, and I applaud him.


Besides providing health care for people that need it … portability of health care can have a significant effect for better jobs as people will not be tettered to their current job.

Want to know how to pay for?: See comments from President Jimmy Carter’s Sunday sermon at his church. Currently posted at


Not being “business as usual” was how Trump sold himself in 2016. The Electoral College provided him with the win. Bernie was also an out-of-the-box candidate in 2016, but the DNC and its ghouls (“super” delegates) were able to tamp down any possibility of him overtaking the anointed (ointment?) one. The nation/world can clearly not take another Trumping. It is time for people to quit living in ignorance in the USA, the first and foremost (and hopefully last) Foxhole country. Wishing you Peace and Progress.


The look on the FoxNews hosts’ faces time after time, was priceless.

Now let’s see, weren’t we supposed to focus on identity politics and not bother trying to win the votes of those damn “deplorables?”


I am so glad that people of doubt got to meet and greet and understand our future President.


I am beginning to think that this guy may be our only hope. I guess my problem is I have been down the hope trail too many times - probably will vote for Sanders. This time if he doesn’t get the nomination he should run as a Green - would shake up the entrenched political landscape for sure. I am also sure as the campaign progresses, he will be asked the famous masse media question “Will he support the nominee”. Say "no " Bernie and you will definitely have my vote.


He already said “yes:”


So much for definitely. On the fence …

If it’s just about beating Trump, we all lose.


Yes. I used to wonder why employers weren’t in favor of M4A, but then it dawned on me: the owners would rather pay exorbitant insurance premiums than give up the threat of loss of coverage—which, in this parasitic and coercive economy, hands them a work force that’s slave labor in all but name.


I think the country is starting get Trump Fatigue. Every day we have to listen to this heartless Bigot rant on about how dangerous Mexicans, Muslims and people of color are to our Nation.

Bernie is the Antidote to this Racist UN-American trash.

Unfortunately, according to the NY Times the DNC is beginning to conspire about how to stop his populist message that is resonating with the vast majority of voters.

Corporate Democrats are getting nervous that the gravy train of donations from every sector of Wall Street might dry up if WE THE PEOPLE adopt his ideas, like Medicare For All and Tax the Rich.

It looks like Bernie has taken the lead and is the definite front runner among the gaggle of confused indecisive so-called democratic candidates.

We cannot allow the Hillary republican wing to derail his candidacy again.

                               BERNIE - LIZ  2020

From Wiki on ancient Confucian concept of “Mandate of Heaven” :

Mencius, a great philosopher who many thought was the successor to Confucius, said:[2]

“The people are of supreme importance; the altars of the gods of earth and grain come next; last comes the ruler. That is why he who gains the confidence of the multitudinous people will be Emperor… When a feudal lord endangers the altars of the gods of earth and grain, he should be replaced. When the sacrificial animals are sleek, the offerings are clean and the sacrifices are observed at due times, and yet floods and droughts come [by the agency of heaven], then the altars should be replaced.”


  1. Religion, in day to day life, is not necessarily of an institutionalized ‘church’ (think the various ‘religions’ of economics)

  2. “Heaven” - think of what that elicits within your own imaginary

  3. “Feudalism” - can you think of a better description ?

  4. What are the “alters” today? Indigenous peoples? think all that is “externalized” for "owners"to make profits

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Bernie is the only current Democratic candidate for President with the courage to go on FoxNews. Good for him.


You’d best concentrate on fighting the d-party establishment who clearly would prefer losing with a Kamala Harris than winning with Sanders. From today’s NYTimes:


You are way stronger than me…


As they get ready to run Joe Biden, who is even more of a Hillary than was Hillary. Great strategy, DNC! Run a guy who has “been there” during the entire neoliberal ascension to plutocracy, when the Dems abandoned everyone who couldn’t afford to pay-to-play. Oh, well, maybe two more years of climate catastrophe will drop these dinosaurs into the tar pits.


Oh, no!


Agreed! The only problem is Bernie having to take on the old dog Centrists who don’t want to stop their payola money train. That’s why they are pushing a lame duck like Biden who offers nothing for us. Hope Bernie is prepared for the crookery coming his way like the last time.

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