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'That Backfired': Watch Bernie Sanders Counter Right-Wing Talking Point, Make Case for Medicare for All on Fox News

YWMMV, or whatever your code was; I don’t quite get its meaning. Please decide for me.

Perhaps I missed something here but since when does a remark about who you would like to see on a presidential ticket equate with a person who is working to be a candidate for office announcing their running mate before they are even nominated to run for office?

Great job Bernie-----and it is on UTUBE. I like the fact that he was taking on the media. Bernie deals with issues as an overview—Warren gets into the details , which I do like----But maybe Bernie is more suited to people who are not into details which sadly is most of America??? I think Sanders would have a hard time getting his agenda passed----But Bernie would be a great moral leader for the US and the world.

I didn’t know Bernie until the primary was nearly over. But once I heard him speak and researched his history, I became ride or die. It is interesting that the DNC said a $15 minimum wage was impossible… until scores of governors made it possible. They claimed that unpaid time off was impossible, until mayors and governors began to sign mandates. They claim that free college is impossible, but some states, including California already offer free college. They swore “super” delegates today, tomorrow and forever, but that changed. They call health care for all, socialism and common decency, progressive. They promise inclusion, but the backbone (or doormats) of the party has yet to receive an invitation into the DNC C suite. I am so done with these anti-progressives. The best alternatives they offer to Bernie are millionaire Wall Street puppets. Let’s keep it real. Biden wrote most of the discriminatory legislation that imprisoned over 3 million non violent people of color for decades. Young people will never vote for him. He has as much chance of winning as Hillary. If we want a return to sane government, there is only one horse in the race.


Found a report of their scare tactics at some gathering of big-wig-money…sent it off right away to Bernie…he will be under attack to be sure.

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That “show of hands” in support of Medicare for All will never, ever be broadcast again in the for-profit media owned of, by and for the wealthy because those same wealthy also own the healthcare scams.

“Sanders would have a hard time getting his agenda passed” is how the corporations stop people from doing the right thing. There is a lot of research on how media framing of issues stops forward progress. Remember, the media isn’t owned by us; it’s owned of, by and FOR the wealthy. I wish I had saved the most recent link.

I have to mention one point that always seems to get ignored: Medicare is not free. For Parts A and B, I pay about $109 a month, which is subtracted from my Social Security. If everyone were allowed to “buy in” for a small monthly premium, presumably based on income, that would go a long way to pay for this, in addition to a larger amount taken out in income taxes.

Well I guess quite a few folks here did watch the fox news town hall on Monday night, Congratulations! you just witnessed a sane man expound the facts! What a lesson in patience, intelligence, wit and dominance. Bernie deflected, then ignored the b.s. comments and then calmly stated his positions on all the issues important to the American people. Yes the fox news people tried to fluster and ruffle Bernie but to no avail. Bernie rose to the occasion with his usual grace and class. No miss blondie 180 million people will not lose their insurance, no age means nada, just try to keep up with me on the campaign trail. He carefully weaved his way through the right wing talking points, taking them down one by one. He took control of the narrative early on and was on preaching mode throughout the evening. Mr. Baires requested audience response was quite telling as more people raised hands and shouted out for Medicare for All. So on fox news, the den of inequality had a majority of people understanding

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and agreeing with Bernie! “Us, not me!” Peace

Your Mileage May Vary.

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So you are an optimist to actually think we will still be around in 16 yrs? Betting against the climate scientists, are you!

FOX would probably kick the others collective asses. Berni is strong enough not to fall for FOX bullshit.

It is always ignored because it is irrelevant. When any progressive is speaking of Medicare for all they are referring to H.R.1384 and the companion Senate Bill. The use of the word Medicare does not imply it is the same set of services as the current Medicare or that funds are raised in a similar way. As Bernie said, it will be free at the point of delivery. It is also quite a bit more comprehensive in services (including long term care, dentistry, and optometry). It will be paid for by a mixture of flat taxes (kicking in after a certain level) and progressive (ie, raising in percentage with increasing income). There will be no more fees of the type you are discussing (if we could make the bill happen).

Good job Bernie.

Sanders need to focus on the reality that health insurance is a colossal waste of the healthcare dollar.