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'That Corruption Needs to End': Biden Urged to Cancel Fundraiser With Fossil Fuel Executive Day After Climate Crisis Forum

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/05/corruption-needs-end-biden-urged-cancel-fundraiser-fossil-fuel-executive-day-after

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Not sure what is worse, knowing you are taking money from rich scum and admitting it or taking massive amounts of money from people that you claim you know nothing about. Is ignorance better than the lack of a moral compass?


That Joe and the DNC is taking contributions from Big Oil is no surprise. It’s not even a shock that, when confronted with that fact ol Joe claimed ignorance. It was even predictable that he would then get the message in his earpiece and try to doublespeak his way out by claiming that Goldman isn’t really an executive at a fossil fuel company, or at least not any more.
What is completely unacceptable is that, in the hours since his latest embarrassing pubic appearance, he and his campaign have still not canceled this Big Oil fundraiser. It seems that the arrogant Biden campaign and the DNC have all but said to the democratic electorate, Fuck You! This is how the game is played. If you don’t like it vote for Donald Trump.
Of course Biden and the clintonites that run the national democratic apparatus can still be stopped. However, as long as Uncle Joe has the unflinching support of the democrats largest block of voters, African Americans, he will win the nomination easily.
It’s time Black America takes a long look at itself in the mirror. Do you want a chance for genuine equality, real tangible change? Or do you want to continue carrying water for massa Clinton through his latest incarnation, uncle Joe Biden? The African American community needs to decide, are they better off in an America that is run by corporate democrats or republicans? And is there really a difference?


ByeDone stumbled his way through that question and as his airtime wore on, he wore out.

His total flame out draws nearer with each public appearance.

On a side note: I noticed a static cling issue between his socks and the cuffs of his pants.

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I would suggest in a friendly way that:

Most older African Americans are moderates, pretty much like Clinton and Biden.
Most younger African Americans are way to their parents’/grandparents’ left.
There’s a thin but palpable line between political advice and whitesplaining.
You’re bumping up up against that line, at least in my view.

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Yup, classic old man stuff. Grandpa sat down at thanksgiving dinner all full of piss and vinegar. He rambled on about how millennials are lazy, why the Steelers should fire their coach, and then predictably had a second drink, bitched about all the “darkies” and “queers” in tv commercials, and eventually began to snore while still sitting at the end of the table.
And yes, it seems the only thing holding his thirty year old nylon socks up is the static charge between them and his polyester golf pants.
My god! What do you suppose uncle Joes campaign manager does these days, other than shout “Wake up Mr Biden! It’s time to get out there and start sucking some more!” ?


I would be more than surprised surprised if Biden “pulls out” of the planned fossil-fuel exec/partner/founder fund-raiser - far too much weasel-room in parsing terms like: not “on the board” and Biden "was assured by his staff that Goldman “did not have any responsibility relating to the company. He was not on the board. He was not involved at all in the operation of the company at all." Far too much political BS and deceit.by his “staff”.

His “staff” being Greg Schultz, campaign manager, and Symone Sanders, "senior advisor, strategist and ex-CNN exec - centrist Obama-DNC clone - that may explain the “confusion” and lack of integrity.
It appears that Biden’s “staff” is complicit to joe’s claimed “ignorance” and lacking in veracity and moral judgment themselves - not the mix needed in a post-trumpian nation!


Leave it to The Onion to sum up Uncle Joe’s situation:


Hear! Hear! Tell it like it is BigB!

Near subservient misplaced loyalty to DINO neo-liberal centrism, that never fought for civil-rights, workers, or the poor, exemplified by the policy agenda and actions of the Clinton’s and Obama, is as astonishing as it is infuriating.


No whitesplaining necessary. Just the facts. In 2016 blacks once again overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton and her corporate cronies. They flat refused to vote for Bernie or any other actual progressive. They won her the nomination and then sat on their hands during the general elections because they and the Clintons ignored the fact that their voting rights had been suspended in record numbers in key swing states.
We see it playing out again for the 2020 cycle. African American voters have all but given up on change. It’s actually quite depressing to see that, in lieu of playing nice with the other members of the new progressive democratic coalition (LGBTQ, Hispanics, the Climate Movement, etc) they choose to continue voting for the Third Way status quo, and hope for the best.


I kept waiting for the onions view of this, and they didn’t disappoint.
It’s like they wrote Joes script days in advance.


Was it not Biden that said ‘500 billionaires are not our problem’? When 8 of them and their families control 50% of the economic wealth of the US.

Herein, I note Biden and Clinton referred to as ‘moderates’. To describe Biden and Clinton as moderates is to add a new definition to the word. They have spent their careers convincing democrat voters their neoliberal, pro wall street support was moderate. Study their actual record. They are right wingers by another mother!


I always referred to Clinton as a Nixon republican.
I stand by that appraisal today.


Biden is nothing more than comedic relief at this point. Embarrassing to watch as he fumbles for words and appropriate memories. He belongs in a Florida retirement village.


Biden is just another tool for the mobsters.


Absolutely hilarious: "Biden is still the clear Democratic front-runner, but voters are increasingly expressing skepticism about his decision to wander out onto a campaign stage, blink blearily for several seconds, and tell the assembled crowd to go away because they’re loud and scary and he wants to be by himself,” – The Onion


The candidates perception of rapid climate change is very informative. Their intentions are made clearer. None of the candidate are very educational when it comes to rapid climate change. Could we talk about the ice rapidly melting causing rapid change in weather patterns. When the ice is decreased to a certain point we are cooked.

The only way our politics and politicians change is for anyone who cares to just decide right now that they will not contribute to or vote for ANY candidate, for office at ANY level, if that candidate takes ANY money at ALL from any wealthy person, lobbyist, corporation or Super PAC. Also, this should apply to any rich person who tries to self-finance or buy a political office. Until we can get campaign finance laws passed that have real teeth and require candidates to prove they can get broad support with small dollar donations only, refusing to support those who take the easy route to funding with big buck corporate support need to pay the penalty for doing so, by being outed and refuted by the voters en masse.


Mr. Demo Lite must withdraw immediately if not sooner. What a frackin’ joke he is, geez.

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CNN seems to be hiding the debate video; how can I find it?

The fact that Biden’s reaction included blowing a blood vessel in his eye was hardly noted anywhere on the web. Can you imagine the corporate news ignoring something so telling if it happened to Sanders?