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That Final Debate Was a Parade of Presidential Prevarication

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/23/final-debate-was-parade-presidential-prevarication


Watching two incredibly unqualified people argue about who is less qualified to lead the United States for the next four years was truly painful to watch. For Trump the debate was just another segment of the “Apprentice” while Joe was trying hard to remember to speak directly to the camera and pretend to represent average citizens. Both of them reassured Americans that neither one represents the majority of Americans and that the bar for selecting a President has dipped so low, that even Oprah would be preferable as our next leader over these two ideologically disconnected and bankrupt imbeciles.
When we drag ourselves to the polling booths in less than two weeks to choose the lesser of two evils, let’s at least try to elect someone in Congress that finds both of these men despicable. Most Americans recognize that the battle for the presidency is almost inconsequential, despite the corporate media’s insistence to the contrary. For generations ‘we the people’ have been served up “leftovers” for the presidency while ignoring our more important branch of government (Congress) that has also succumbed to the will of Wall Street. Until the average American can disconnect themselves from this constant kabuki theatre production and use critical thinking skills to soundly reject all of corporate America’s choices to represent the rest of us, we will only continue our accelerated slide towards the sixth mass extinction.


Just about all the media comments I hear are that Trump did better because he was not all angry??? While the very first topic—the virus----Trump insisted that the virus was going away-----we have had this magical thinking from the beginning with Trump-----225,000 people dead and these clowns out there think Trump did good in this debate. These same commentators on the morning news are all reporting that the virus is spiking???

Biden talked about three major issues he will address if elected —raise the min to $15-----a public option----and giving the 11 million undocumented a path to citizenship------these are major policies that will help millions of people.

And Biden speaks truth about oil----will he get any credit from the left NO----just knives in the back

Biden talked about working people and Trump really said who cares about those people???

This was a softball debate for Trump from NBC----not one question about the president of the US pushing his AG to arrest political oponents or braging about extra-judicial killings-???—the corporate media do not want a landslide.


Correction Michael: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN was taken from Mussolini’s campaign slogan: MAKE ITALY GREAT AGAIN. That is where Reagan got it from and my late uncle who knew Reagan personally, if he were still alive would probably agree with me…


The stable genius line is getting really old. The type of stable genius Mr. Trump is the guy who shovels the manure out of the stable, and then dumps it on us.

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