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'That Is Not Justice!' Outrage as Snyder Hit With Just Two Misdemeanor Counts Over Role in Flint Water Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/14/not-justice-outrage-snyder-hit-just-two-misdemeanor-counts-over-role-flint-water


What “just us” looks like: One “law” for the rich another law with deadly consequences, I might add, for people of color and the poor. Hell, the latter need not commit any crime to receive a death sentence.

“The former criminal team also considered an involuntary manslaughter case… but had not yet concluded their investigation when the majority of the team was dismissed by new AG Nessel, who announced a revamped investigation in 2019.

Yep, the GOP strikes again. Chomsky had it right when he referred to them as a criminal organization.


Only those with power and position get are allowed justice. All your favorite politicians have received the Covid vaccine already, and have been saved by monoclonal antibodies when taken ill.


once again the political forces have failed the people–he endorses Biden and then essentially walks away from his crimes–charged with the equivalent of jaywalking tickets --now if he were a pot head caught with an once he would spend much more time–but he is a Republican killer of American citizens and will NOT really pay for his crimes of forcing thousands of children to drink contaminated , lead poisoned water and they will pay the price with ruined their lives while the political criminals play politics with those lives


And wouldn’t you just know it, ya need lots ń lots of brainwashed cannon fodder for the kabuki wars, the undermining of governments to usurp resources, the systematic negation and invisibilization of indigenous peoples, genocide of “migrants” and the line of incompetence wraps around the world in strangulation kbnots (bots, knots, forgetmenots) …

It is absolutely necessary that people NOT add 2 and 2 together, think systemically, 'cause the level of knuckle-dragging incompetence calls for building a monster size vacuum cleaner. You just really need to know how to duck those knuckles, build from the ground up, live hail fellow well met and engage!

All the best to everybody in 2021!

QUICK! don’t think of an elephant. :wink:


one day injustice will no longer be tolerated for the rich and powerful. The people will rise up propelled not by a an idiot ringmaster like Trump, but by the raw need for justice for all.


Yup, I’ve said for a long time, we have three justice systems in this country.
One for the rich and well connected.
One for common people charged with regular crimes.
And one for common people charged with “drug” crimes, this one is the most severe no matter the “drug” involved.


Snyder is where angry citizens should be bringing their nooses to.


Citizens of Flint need to exact their own “street” justice on him. You should not allow this.

This perpetrator is laughing at your pain and misforturne - $1000 fine. The justice system just spat in you face.

When will enough be enough?


Guess the mafia has been infecting very specific spaces

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Manslaughter makes the most sense because its impossible to prove that they knew that they were poisoning everyone.

But the most outrageous inexcusable criminal offense is that no one has stepped up to restore the original water supply and fix the plumbing, not the State that fired bankrupt Flint officials in a Republican takeover and not the Federal Government. Instead money has been poured into investigations and lawyers fees. The murderous crime spree just continues relentlessly since April 2014.


Snyder should expect a call from Obama soon, if he hasn’t received one already, congratulating him on getting away with murder. Once again the oligarchs prevail. They think their shit don’t stink.


A community needs a functioning system of justice and accountability for criminals.

If you dont have that, over time you become mexico: a failed state with armed militias for every township. Chaos.


Nothing short of a life sentence would be appropriate here.


Oligarchs take care of oligarchs.


poisoned water, corrupt and incompetent elites, internal strife
where have i seen this before? oh, right. the last days of the roman empire


Check out Michael Moore’s podcast Rumble and listen to his interview with Mays concerning the Flint/Snyder water scandal. These two people have a LOT to say from a firsthand perspective. It will make you weep. (As if we need another thing to weep about)


Let’s also go after the polluters of the Flint River, from GM to other manufacturing that saw nothing wrong with dumping their wastes into water, the Source of Life. It’s the old European invader mentality that Nature is a commodity, to be used as a means to acquire wealth for the individual alone. GM is still polluting the area with their scrap and build mentality towards factories for vehicles. And white flight keeps moving outward, destroying natural areas for more highly priced subdivisions.
This must stop! Our culture needs to come to a screeching halt for several years. We have enough shit to keep us going that long without spending a dime. We need to ask why we have to keep busy all the time, why we seem not to be able to allow a natural area to remain so(I suspect Calvin’s dictum of idleness is not productive, not realizing that trillions of tiny beings in those places are working every day to keep the rest of us alive). About why we have to almost immediately tear down buildings to rebuild. Such constant activity in a person would be diagnosed as being a form of psychosis, needing a long stint of therapy living in Nature, resetting the sense of time to being circular.
As for Snyder, he’s DeVos’s bitch. I’d love for him to get twenty years in Jackson, Gen Pop. He wouldn’t last two weeks…


From the report above, it would appear that Biden’s AG will have an option of a charge of “lying to Congress”.

But the only time I’ve heard of that charge being used concerned a baseball pitcher who testified about steroids. Lying to Congress about anything important, like whether Iraq had WMD’s or you are sabotaging the USPS is never prosecuted.


As long as you pony up your annual “good ole Boys” dues they will take care of you.

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