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That Kamala Harris Even Considered Skipping CNN Forum, Say Youth Campaigners, Is 'Why We Absolutely Need' Mandatory Climate Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/20/kamala-harris-even-considered-skipping-cnn-forum-say-youth-campaigners-why-we

If I was serious about winning the d-party nomination, I’d use the CNN climate forum to remind voters that Kambama had to be shamed into showing up. You listening, Bernie?


A debate excluding Tulsi, is a debate between folks who wont get my vote. Of course since CNN is the venue, it wont be a debate at all.


Kameltoe is a hack, a cop lover, a hypocrite, a prosecutor who jailed marijuana users, an attorney general who opposed marijuana legalization, a corporate-sponsored neoliberal, and she slept her way to power via Willie Brown.
I have no use for her or most of the other Democratic “centrists.”


might as well let her be. she’s just going to lie to y’all anyway.


Sometimes a person can find interesting words in a persons name, so let’s see
Kamala Harris alphabetizes into only 8 letters
aaaa h i k l m rr s-------wow, not much there
his, ham ram, lam ( lol a lawyer on the lam : ) …
oh a word part mal as in bad, rash , mash, rail -oh wait here’s a good one KARMA. : )
Oh I wonder , would that be her karma or ours collectively… : 0

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Z Z zz z


Hmm? was someone talking?

It’s better to let the corporatist tools reveal themselves than to make them tell the same insincere lies.
Kamala has done nothing worthy of support, let’s just leave it at that. But that leaves at least 3 candidates in front of Tulsi who the Democrat Party Corp. sees as more profitable for the cronies than someone with Rep Gabbard’s record and policies. And the oligarch-owned media certainly don’t want her, as they either lie or hide the truth about her record, when they bother to cover her at all.


This situation reminds me how difficult it is to understand social media posts by Republicans and conservative Democrats. Rather than the standard usage, they seem to use the abbreviation BFF to mean Big Fossil Fuel. My problem is that with these people it is impossible to differentiate the two meanings in context.

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Okay, I admit to being a bit dense here, but I’m not sure I understand your comment. Did I miss the acronym BFF in the article? I keep thinking “best friends forever.”

I guess if I have to explain the joke - then it wasn’t very good. (yes - I was drawing an equivalence between Best Friends Forever and Big Fossil Fuel for some people).


“…let the corporatist tools reveal themselves than to make them tell the same insincere lies.”

This is why the Democratic Party sponsors, or even CNN, ought to invite Trump to join the debate on Global Warming. That would truly be a hoot!

Kamala is tanking so fast it ain’t even funny. Through the single digits now. She’ll do well to keep up on stage with all the other clowns in the next clown-car debate.

I’m just, really having difficulty imagining the demographic – the kind of person who would find Kamala Harris particularly attractive as a presidential candidate.


The fat lady may not be singing for Kamala yet, but she is certainly clearing her throat.
The best she can hope for now is the number 2 spot, and that’s not realistic as she’s not from a swing state.

The stark differences are already there, but Americans are a busy lot. If you don’t spend the kind of money corporations spend on advertising we will never know what the policies are of the lesser known candidates. It is bad enough that name recognition is not there for some.

It’s not hard to conjure up that demographic: just close your eyes and think of Nancy Pelosi and Willie Brown dancing to the Peppermint Twist.


Thanks a lot. Now how do I purge that scene from my mental rolodex?

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Well, it’s better than thinking of them doing The Bump and/or The Grind ( Yikes! ), right?

You probably know Kamala was one of Willie Brown’s (whew, I’m searching for the right word here) companions, back in the day. Might have something to do with why she is where she is.

Jeez, it’s even worse than I thought. I had assumed that BFF meant Best FACEBOOK Friend, which is what it really is. How many people do you know who have had the same “best friend” for as long as ten years?