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'That Little Girl Was Me': Watch Kamala Harris Confront Joe Biden Over Opposition to School Busing and Praise for Segregationists

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/28/little-girl-was-me-watch-kamala-harris-confront-joe-biden-over-opposition-school

I despise Harris, but credit her for raising the identity politics banner as high and as loud as she could. She knew exactly the card to play and played it well.

Hillary would be proud.


Bye, bye Biden…

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Not surprised by Harris, given her experience in litigation and as a prosecutor and, yeah, that tough, aggressive approach plays well in American elections and, especially, these cheap imitations of an actual debate. Where’s the substance, though? Always the question with Harris for me. For sure, Hillary would be proud. I agree.

I was more concerned with Bernie’s showing. One of his weaknesses is his tendency to fall back on his standard stump speech for every question, regardless of the topic, very much in the vein of “if you’ve heard one Bernie speech, you’ve heard them all”. Hate to say it, but it does suggest his age is showing and right or wrong, age is going to be an issue in this election.


CNN, the least watched television news station claimed the big winners in the debate as being Buttigieg and Harris. They claimed Sanders as a big loser.

We can tell who they have their money on and who they will work at to get elected.


Bernie is doing his best to say what most candidates refuse to say, that if We the People want to address the Corruption, the Greed, the Inequality that exists, millions of us must get involved and take action."

He stops short of being an organizing force of tearing down the Halls of Congress and burning out the residents of the White Supremacist House.


The "Capitalist News Network."

Oh, no argument, there, but hate to see his message drowned out by the theatrics that are so much a part of these so-called debates. He has my vote if he can get by Biden and the Demo establishment, but that is a daunting task, though a great accomplishment. Hope he has enough left to get it done.

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Identity politics, that being integrated schooling, the subject Harris was talking about. Non-identity politics, that being non-integrated schooling, right?

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In the area I lived which wasn’t to far from the area she is talking about, we had busing a year after she was born. Not to steal her thunder, because it was tense and uncomfortable but it was a good idea.

Yes, if given a chance black kids can grow up to be just as sociopathic and corrupt as any white politician.
Not that i am in favor of segregation or anything, but watching that corrupt sack of slime pretending to be some kind of civil rights icon is downright disgusting.
One of MalcomX’s worst fears near the end was that integration with American society would just make black people every bit as vile as their oppressors.

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Kamala Harris ate Biden’s lunch and totally embarrassed him and made him over react and lie in trying to refute her busing statement. Whether one likes Kamala or not, she is the one I would like to see in a presidential debate with Trump because Trump would have no chance in demeaning her and in my view, once Kamala got through with Trump she would have him eating crow!

Trump is a racist: a misogynist; sees women as inferior sexual objects; and a pathological, liar. LOVE TO SEE HIM IN A DEBATE WITH KAMALA HARRIS… A WOMAN AND A BLACK WOMAN WHO WOULD EAT HIS LUNCH!

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though not my first choice (Warren is) we’d be very lucky indeed to get a President as good as Harris, even if many of us don’t agree with her on everything. If Sanders wants to get the nomination he would be well advised to work out an agreement with her to run as a team with her as VP, though at this point she is still going for the top spot.

I wish that were true! But did you notice according to the polls, Biden is still the front runner even though Kamala Harris tore him apart.

There have not been any scientific polls published since the debates. The first is due out in a couple of hours.

“Identity politics” is a stand in phrase for “I’m a white cis male. Who gives a shit about racism, sexism, homophobia and a hundred and fifty million people?”

“I want to talk about race…”

Yes, she did. Because she sure as poop didn’t want to talk about economics. You know, same as you.

Hey, I’m glad she took a chunk out of Biden, which I’m sure disappointed the heck out of you. But it’s like picking sides in a mud wrestling match between Himmler and Goering—you’re really rooting for the mud.


True, but what I was posting was an unscientific straw poll.

'You know who else doesn’t care about those things? Kamala Harris.


That is a load of BS and you know it.