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That Mexican Thing Again, Also That Perpetually Lying Thing


That Mexican Thing Again, Also That Perpetually Lying Thing

If, like us, you lacked the fortitude to watch the V.P. debate, this happened: Two garden-variety white guys had at it a while. Pence went deep into gonzo denial mode, insisting he was "happy to defend" all the horrific things his sociopath has said and done and then ceaselessly denying them. Paine badgered and interrupted him. The high/low point for many: Called out on Drumpf's racism, Pence's now-infamous retort that his opponent "whipped out that Mexican thing again."


[[ Paine frequently badgered and interrupted him…

Social media pretty much decided the high/low point of the evening came when Paine reminded Pence once again… ]]

Maybe it was the pain that underlies this whole sordid affair of an elections cycle. Or maybe it’s the general impression of Tim Kaine, a cross between Mr. Rogers and a shoe salesman, that makes even remembering his name a challenge.

Has to be something, since it’s hard to hit the p rather than the k on the keyboard.


I understand some people actually watched it.

Masochists. Masochists watched it all the way through.


What? Kaine, not Paine. Pretty bad.


i love that Abby calls him Paine. i hope she did it on purpose. No Tom Paine he, more just a Paine.


“Paine frequently badgered and interrupted him, which some people evidently liked and some didn’t.”

I too wondered who Paine was until I realized it was a verbal metaphor for the conflation of the two main parties, Pence and Kaine = Paine.


I have a theory. Elections via the bernaysian (yes, I do think it deserves to be recognized as a word; put that in your funky and wignals, lower case ‘B’) sewer of mass media resonance echo, like weaponized sonar now herds citizenry into a mass ‘test group’ for four year implementation spans. The latter for pawn placement on the ‘chessboard’ of polarized squares.
Woke up this morning with a deep sense of the creatural dimensions of the planet and character of greeting the day as benign albeit largely unknown ‘personality’. The deep roar, reminiscent of mother in rebalance mode after having been wrongfully ‘taken for a ride’, having a ‘Matthew’ in her circulatory system.
Very interesting to choose to recognize ‘life’ as companion with dimensions no less than a human or other living creature…


That Mexican proverb should be our collective rallying cry: They tried to bury us but we came together stronger than ever for Mother Earth, peace, equality and racial justice.