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That Most Terrorists Aren’t Muslim May ‘Come as a Surprise’–if You Get Your News From Corporate Media


That Most Terrorists Aren’t Muslim May ‘Come as a Surprise’–if You Get Your News From Corporate Media

Jim Naureckas

Since the Al Qaeda attacks on September 11, 2001, the New York Times (6/23/15) reports,

extremists have regularly executed smaller lethal assaults in the United States…. But the breakdown of extremist ideologies behind those attacks may come as a surprise.


The Fond of Xenophobia “News” Network winds up its foot soldiers with hyperbolic rhetoric while the rest of corporate media all but look the other way in order to honor the narrative of the GWOT. Disgusting.

While on the subject of looking the other way: Fuku-what?


Most of the world’s terror comes out of the US bipartisan Congress and the US bipartisan Presidency.

Why is that so difficult for anyone in the legal public noise-making propaganda industries to observe?


Thank you, Mr. Naurekas… particularly for this:

“The pronouns do a lot of work in these sentences. Who are “we,” exactly, that understand white supremacists so well that we don’t have to pay any attention to them; are “we” different from the “you” that doesn’t suspect that these well-understood white supremacists might be dangerously violent?”

Increasingly, in the propagandistic war against truth, a ubiquitous WE frame is used to cloak over the specifics of power’s abusers and what THEY do in our names. There are concerted efforts to use “the passive voice,” particularly when Black males just “happen to die” in police custody. And for ages, what’s been true for the white male has been projected onto all females. As if HIS experience somehow represents hers. Similar “truth” as told by the dominator" or “war victor” eclipses the valid and EQUALLY true experience of those from other ethnic groups, political factions, and alternative (to the status quo) demographics.

I am glad that other writers and journalists are increasingly calling this “WE” B.S. into question.

It’s particularly galling that the WE frame is used in a phase where citizens are being given so little agency or say in all of the policies that concern them.

What Fast Track’s route to enshrining treasonous treaties like the TPP into law will do is effectively wipe out the public’s right to know what’s in its food. No legal means for curbing Big Industries’ polluting protocols will be left in place, either.

So do note the irony: the more inroads the 1%-elites-corporatists make into curtailing human agency, voice, and liberty, the more WE hear the WE frame as it purposely (and deceptively) conflates the policies that THEY enact with what the public arguably wants.

Smoke and mirrors! Disinformation! Propaganda! Mind Control! It’s ALL being served in lieu of Truth or frameworks of law that actually honor what the intent of said law is in place to enforce or protect.


The police have killed over 1000 unarmed citizens in the last ten years…seems like a large number to me, and one that should be counted.


I do wonder whether they are counting the fort hood shootings, the woman decapitated in Okla, the Washington sniper killings. ect in the jihadi column. Or are they still sticking with the “workplace violence” thing…


There are terrorists of all stripes in this world. However, this article is nonsense. Lies, damn lies, and statistics. It essentially says, “Let’s start the count after the biggest US soil terrorist attack in US history. Then let’s only focus on US soil. Then let’s expand the meaning of terrorism to any act of violence by an extremist.” It’s as full of bias as the Schabas report. Dishonesty does the left no honor or good.


Webster’s Dictionary, 1981:
terrorize, verb
To fill or overcome with terror; to dominate, coerce, or subdue by terror, or intimidation

Webster’s, 2001:
terrorize, verb
To terrify, especially by acts of violence; to intimidate through terrorism

terrorism, noun
Violence committed to achieve a political end

“Terror” is what one feels when being kidnapped or raped.
Terror is what poor people worldwide feel when being approached by uniformed, armed men.
Terror is what animals feel in research laboratories.
Terror is what people feel when their families are faced with starvation.
Terror is what a child feels when an adult starts to hit.
Terror is what millions of families feel when they hear planes overhead.
Terror is what fish feel when hooked in the mouth.
Terror is what people feel under the threat of having loved ones tortured or killed.
Terror is what forest dwellers feel when the loggers come in to clear-cut.
Terror is what people feel when threatened with invasion.
Terror is what animals feel at slaughterhouses.


It’s so easy to forget a long history of bloody rampages around the world to sequester resources and enslave Native populations, sometimes committing outright genocide to the tune of millions in huge land grabs. Capitalist European Christians have been the curse of the planet ever since they discovered the power of gunpowder and devoted their energy to developing weaponry that ensured their exploitative, ruthless success. Personally, do not find the groups in the Middle east nearly as frightening as the monsters our society has spawned. Orcs, once and all.


I still recoil George W. Bush’s claim that divine intervention was behind his invasion of Iraq. Does that fit into this debate?


Ah yes, 9/11. less than twenty Muslims, armed with box cutters, took over the two planes that hit the towers, “designed to withstand the impact of a fully laden 747” and brought them down in their own footprint at free-fall speed, along with building seven, which just had a fire in it (and a lot of CIA records). Many of the alleged terrorists were later identified as living in the middle-east to this day.

  • If you can’t recognize a black op when you see one, your perceptions are a bit skewed.
  • Remember, the PNAC’s plan for US “Full Spectrum Domination” of the world depended on having a “New Pearl Harbor” to drag the population along with it.
  • And so it did. Look where we are now.


I’m not too sure when it came out briefly in the press. It wasn’t too long after 9/11 and I guess somebody was running a check on one or more of the mysterious undamaged passports that were found, and they found the owner or owners of the passports were living in the middle east.

  • I’m a retired firefighter, and we studied every one of the fires in these big skyscrapers. I watched films of quite a number of them. One, I think it was in Malaysia or Spain, burned like a torch for a couple of days. When the contents were finally exhausted, the fire went out and the steel structure stood there intact.
  • If you watched those telephoto shots after the airliner hit the building, but before it dropped and there were some people standing in the hole left by the impact. Of course, we firemen knew the stuff about the fuel load heating the building until the structural steel collapsed was a crock because we all saw the enormous fireball on the back side of the building after each strike. That was the fuel load.
  • Also, it would be virtually impossible to get enough heat from a fuel fire, had it stayed inside the building to do the steel damage it was supposed to have done.
  • As to your comment about Islam being basically violent, I have lived in Muslim countries and found the people to be decent, caring, and non-violent. I studied the Holy Qur’an, and like the Holy Bible’s Old Testament, there are some pretty heavy parts, most of which was written while Muslims were fighting for their lives. Much of the Qur’an is on people’s duty to care for others. Aggressive war is forbidden, though defensive war is permitted. Islam, Judaism and Christianity were all considered “People of the Book,” descended from Abraham.
  • There are some pretty fanatical branches. Wahhabis are like Southern Baptists over here. Anybody that doesn’t share their views are agents of Satan.
  • Most of the Muslims I knew and lived with were little different from anyone else. They wanted a decent job, a home where the roof didn’t leak, decent food and water for their family, medical care if necessary, and a chance for their children to get an education.
  • Close to where I lived, there was a mosque, a Protestant church, an orthodox church and a Chinese temple. There was no problem.
  • We talked about what the Ayatollah was doing in Iran at the time. I was told by different people at various times, “Steve, that’s not Islam, that is politics.” They didn’t approve of all that violence going on in the Middle East, either.


Yes, it is always sad to me to see some, who set themselves up as judges and who feel they have the right to punish those who want to live their own lives, to dream their own dreams.

  • The Shiites and the Sunnis have been at odds for a long time. At times it has been violent, but usually it is just debate, difference of opinion. Who was the real Calif after Mohammed’s death. Thousands of pages have been written on both sides of the question.
  • When mosques began to be blown up, there were several articles to the effect that it may well have been CIA? Special Forces? acting to start a blood feud going. It wouldn’t take much, just “Shiites” killing a Sunni Imam and/or blowing up a mosque, and perhaps some “Sunnis” getting revenge, and the war begins.
  • Then the military gets to come in with drones and weapons, to “bring peace,” and the profits roll in.
  • The shadow government is very good at that. Quite a bit of practice.


I just Googled Alleged 911 terrorists still alive and got a number of hits, some pro, some con.