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"That Public 'Whatever' Is Called Public Sentiment": Critics Hit Back After Pelosi Once Again Disses AOC, Omar, and Others

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/08/public-whatever-called-public-sentiment-critics-hit-back-after-pelosi-once-again


Nancy Pelosi is a big, foul, steaming pile of whatever. Let’s find a new Speaker—whatever it takes.


And progressive S.F. ought to have a progressive rep. Pe-lo-si: pri-ma-ry: OTP! (Out-To-Pasture!)


The Speaker was hired to do a job and she is doing it to the best of her abilities, that does not mean it is agreement with what the public wants or needs or true to her oath of office.


The Public Whatever needs to campaign against the Whatever Supporter Enabler of Rump Pelosi


Impeach that peach!


The problem with that is Who hired her and Who is paying her . Look to her Corporate donors.It’s all about the $$$$$$


It is amazing how Republican the Democratic party has become under the Clintonites. The “liberal veal pen” approach failed spectacularly in 2016, the Democrats should not rely on it again.


Which is why she ought to be fired (primaried), or join the other party, just to be clear about her loyalties. Same with Schumer and many more of these “democrats.”


Reminds me of Peloser clapping for trump at his state of the union speech. At first I thought it was sarcastic but now I see her applause was genuine.


It was the Clap of a Trained Seal.


I agree but it will take a lot of concerted effort because the political machine that props this appalling “representative” up is very powerful. Pelosi is a lot like fellow DINO-saur Joe Biden lately. She just can’t help but reveal how out of touch she is with the people and the needs of her own party and sees the election of people like AOC as some kind of threat to her dominance over the Demos. How ironic that this spineless sellout comes from what is supposedly one of the most liberal/progressive districts in the country. Pelosi has truly crossed over and can now be seen as a Trump enabler. She is a disgrace.


The more this Pelosi thing goes on, the more worried the democratic electorate should be, and for that matter most Americans. I believe that the more obstinate and belligerent behavior we see in public from the Democratic leadership, the more worried we should be about what’s being said about actual liberals and actual policy in the smoke filled room at the DNC. You can only imagine, with Nancy basically calling Omar, AOC, Pressley and Tlaib uppity bitches in public, what’s really being said about them in private democratic circles.
Here is what I fear is really going on. The Democratic Party, the DNC, and the DCCC right now believe that 2020 is going to be a disaster. By diminishing actual young liberals (just like in nearly every election since 1968) and with them the voters they bring to the table and the voting booths, one can only draw the conclusion that they are cutting their losses already. The current power structure in the Democratic Party would rather lose once again from the center/right than win from the Left.
Just look at what is currently going on. The words of young liberals are being dismissed and diminished. The more liberal candidates in the POTUS primaries were only ones generating excitement (Sanders, Warren) so the big money donors dragged old Joe out. But upon seeing him fail miserably, they set ol Joe up so they could anoint the next ere apparent conservadem Kamala Harris. Impeachment is off the table. The Mueller report has thus far been an albatross. They have managed to be out maneuvered by Trumps legal team at every turn. Schiff and Waters have proven to be paper tigers, while Nadler and Cummins look as old and tired and confused and Nancy and Chuck. They never even talk about taking the senate back anymore. All the while, Mitch McConnell pulls his dick out nearly every day to wave it at the Democratic leadership.
Next summers democratic convention could go one of two ways, and neither will be good. The first scenario could see actual liberals try to take over the convention. The kids, led by a generation of AOCs could make life miserable for the establishment. They could force them into an actual progressive platform. If that happens, the old guard Clintonians will be forced out. They will leave in shame and refuse to support the new kids on the block. The democrats will then lose the House, senate, and see Trump be re elected. Our march towards fascism will be complete.
The second scenario will see a repeat of the dark and bloody days from the summer of 1968 in Chicago. The young liberals will try to come, but they will be ejected from the convention hall and beaten like mangy dogs in the street. And just like in 68, another generation of young voters will be chased away from the Democratic Party. Of course, the democrats will then lose the House, the senate, and see Trump be re elected. And just like scenario one, we will be living in a fascist nation.
In conclusion, we will be living in a fascist nation in 2021. Thanks Nancy.


Nancy shares a lot in common with Trump. Both are crazy rich old white people that see any change as dangerous and anyone younger than 40 as an enemy.


I’m more and more convinced that Pelosi is a plant a shill. She is working for the common good. The common good of the corporations against the people of the US. For people in Pelosi’s class, which includes nearly all long term and high ranking politicians, there isn’t any two party system. Democrats and Republicans are just names that give us the illusion that we have a choice. We don’t. Both parties, with a few notable exceptions, are working for the corporate state.

Pelosi is dong everything she can to assure that Trump will be reelected along with her cadre of 20 to 30 year career politicians who head every committee in the House that has any power.


Pelosi has become a rump enabler? You mean to say there was a time when she was not? I must have blinked during that moment.


Pelosi’s version of “let them eat cake”.


The “only” thing that Pelosi and the Democratic Party leadership will understand that they have lost the support of the party faithful, is, a huge loss of registered voters.

Go online now and re-register today.

The party you use to know is gone.


Children, you have confirmed gender and race are not a bar to foolishly playing childish tiddlywinks against a grown up playing chess. Yes you have gotten self-serving headlines for your Democrat Brat Pack of 4, AOC, Tlaib, Pressley & Omar know little understand less insolence agenda. However, Nancy and the grown-ups understand unnecessarily alienating some voters now and greatly increasing opposing campaign contributions is not a strategy to win the probable razor thin decided complex big game to keep the House, and turn the Presidency and Senate. Sit down, keep your small ball selfish now or the highway tiddlywinks strategy in check and support the grown-ups long term chess move to get ALL the votes possible with the least amount of opposition money against and actually win the BIG game. Not small self-serving headlines, and be able to actually successfully forward the Democratic 21st century America agenda and much or all of your own.


Pelosi must be made to change her party affiliation to "Republican."

It will mean her human clone Hoyer will take over as leader, so that’s pretty much a deadend.

Looks to me like the Democrats are another party dedicated to promoting conservative ideals.