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"That Public 'Whatever' Is Called Public Sentiment": Critics Hit Back After Pelosi Once Again Disses AOC, Omar, and Others

This is incomprehensible, please rewrite this.

They’re already doing it again this time. The Party hasn’t changed. The Democrats must be abandoned for who they are.

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What I really like about these Justice Democrats is how Pelosi thought she had them under control from the beginning. They voted for her as Speaker and thus, in her mind, that meant they supported her unconditionally and would be obedient and submissive to her in all things legislative and would not rock the boat. They would ‘wait their turn’. NOT! Resign already you stupid worthless woman.


Think you meant to say “This is nonsense and just plain wrong, please delete it”.

hmmmmm…yes, it could be tongue in cheek, now that you mention it.

The Speaker, like all elected officials, was hired to represent the American people. That means it SHOULD BE in agreement with what the public wants and needs and true to her oath of office. If it’s not, she’s doing it wrong.

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My point being is that she is doing exactly what she was hired to do.

the only hope I have for the so-called democratic party is the 4 women who have the courage, audacity and intelligence to stand up for and speak out on whatever is left of morality in this country. It has ever been a republic for white christian men, never a democracy for the rest of us. the whining white girl still representing the damn dems never represented the rest of us. she is the money collector in chief, that is about it.

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How forcefully have Pelosi & Schumer spoken out against the dictatorial DNNC’s ban on challenging ANY Democrats in their primaries, no matter how often these DINOs vote for the Orange Cheeto’s agenda??
…the sounds of silence are deafening!!

Pete Peterson’s central goal was to privatize Social Security demonstrating just how deeply out of touch Pelosi is.

Just sayin’.

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That deserved more than one heart

Lose and not break a sweat. Clear the way for the right wingers.

Exactly… incomprehensible. Calls the squad childish while starting such poorly written drivel with the word: “Patients” instead of patience!

Huge difference, but what are homonyms to the truly childish!