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That Raise You Were Promised Last Year? Wall Street Took It From You


That Raise You Were Promised Last Year? Wall Street Took It From You

Will Bunch

Wayne Garnett, a 38-year-old parking-lot attendant who lives in North Philadelphia and works in Center City, doesn’t really know whether or not the tax cut passed last year by a GOP-led Congress and signed by President Trump has saved him a couple of bucks in his biweekly paycheck.

Garnett said that’s because his pay stub — at his hourly rate of just $9.52 — is so meager he hates to spend time looking at it. “I’m scared to look at my paycheck — I just hope that I make my 80 hours and that they don’t take any more money out,” he told me.


My Mom and Dad taught my brother and me to never trust a liar, because a liar will never care about anyone but themselves. .

It’s utterly amazing how anyone can trust the Pathological Liar that calls himself, Trump.


Or repug., or dem.

After 38 yrs. of lies, who would be gullible enough to believe anything would “trickle down” ?


A corporation exists to create value for shareholders.

Workers only matter when they can’t find any.


I’d bet a dime on the dollar that the Democrats, once back in power, don’t do a thing to help anyone who can’t help bankroll their reelection campaigns. Those that give when Pelosi calls. So, in my opinion, they don’t deserve to win. Our only hope is to blow it all up and hope the pieces that fall can be used as scaffolding for something better. If climate change doesn’t make that physically impossible (but it will). Damn the morons who call themselves liberal.


Careful. By the time the dems are back in power, a dime might be all you have left. :wink:


Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Tom Perez, among other corporate Dems.


The only thing Congress cares about is getting re-elected. If constituents are unwilling to throw out representatives who fail to promote their interests then they have nothing to fear. Congressmen will continue to take corporate money and support the interests of their corporate sponsors over the voting public until they feel threatened at the voting booth. Until that happens there is no reason to expect that Congress will do anything to help alleviate the widening income disparity. If you are unwilling to vote your unresponsive senators and representatives out, don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for your economic predicament. The solution is at your fingertips if you choose to use them at the ballot box.


Disagree, they don’t believe it , they just sell it like it’s true.