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'That This Even Has to Be Said Is Grotesque': Judge Orders Trump Admin to Stop Drugging Migrant Children


'That This Even Has to Be Said Is Grotesque': Judge Orders Trump Admin to Stop Drugging Migrant Children

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee of Los Angeles ruled on Monday that a Texas detention center for unaccompanied migrant children and those forcibly separated from their families by the Trump administration must stop administering psychotropic drugs without parental consent.


Having to type slowly now, having just put my fist through the wall… The empire is truly finished. This sadistic treatment of families is proof. How do our fellow “citizens” do this? How loud must they sing their hymns on Sundays to drown out the noise in their minds? How can they stand the smell of their fetid putrefying souls? Our “economy” truly is broken if a salary is the cause. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon him not understanding it.” --Upton Sinclair


Those who kidnap children from their parents’ hands , put them in cages and drug them, are most probably capable of doing much more sinister things. Human trafficking is a $32 billion ‘industry’. It’s a crime…


If another country was doing this, there would be an invasion and special ops. To free them.if Obama had done it,trumps would be screaming for the gallows to be built. If anyone needs psychotropic drugs it’s trump.


How loud must they sing? Good one…


When I was a child, I thought all children were enjoying life. To see these children ripped from their parents and sent to prison is beyond horrible. And conservatives are upset that some don’t stand for the flag? What do they think our flag represents? God help us.


Excellent point about the flag…


Totally agree…Trump and his administration need to be held accountable for this crime against humanity (CHILDREN !). Where are the right wing vaxer’s?..Vaccines are legitimate disease preventions…we’re talking about sedating and drugging innocent children kidnapped by US Government ICE officials following orders from Trump and his top administration.

Recently announced by Harvard and Johnson & Johnson: The FDA has approved the trial for a new HIV vaccine. The trials are set to begin in Africa! This isn’t the 1st time JNJ and Harvard and the FDA are dirty! Why is this trial NOT being conducted on whites here in the US? The US has a history and track record of doing this…trying risky vaccines on blacks in Africa as “guinea pigs” and out site of the US Media and US scientific community. JNJ is NOT trustworthy!


U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee is giving the trump regime criminals a free ride…even with this order to stop drugging children! When they missed the first 'deadline" there were no substantive repercussions. when they failed to comply and “missed” the second 'deadline" there was no penalty. when trumps & co made-up some BS fake rationale for designating some parents “ineligible” be reunited with their kids or any attempt made to reunite with other family members, there was to my knowledge, no demanded listing or data base on exactly who, and exactly why some refugees from violence were so “deemed ineligible”!

That designation seemed to me a fraud then and now an evasion of the judges order, failure to locate the deported or self-deported parents, or a bald-faced lie to further evade the judges orders that should bring contempt of court penalties!

The kids are being harmed for the rest of their lives by the forced separations, and now dosed with psychoactive drugs? How much does the drug industry make from that policy? Are there contracts for drug s as well as “detention” center profiteers? BS! If the government under the odious trump commits a policy decision predators and cronies should NOT profit from it!! This entire policy is a stench that covers the entire trump regime and connected its profiteers!


It truly an upside down world when Drugs used to treat the mentally ill , are being issued by the Mentally ill to treat the healthy.

Nonprofit or not, rest assured someone is making MONEY off of this.


How low can Texas go, always the most abusive and insensitive Texas law enforcement and now this. Like Gestapo experimenting on child prisoners is even lower than ww2 Nazi abuses.


Too much drugs not enough patients, just like too many prisons not enough criminals. Big pharma forcing drugs on the poor and now the poor migrant children, so subhuman.


Actually, many countries have done, and some do, much worse than this the US response ranges from looking the other way to massive military support for the criminal regime.


The short answer: FASCISM!


Hi sklendhlu, it’s happening in Israel—and America says nothing
Israel puts kids in prison, and soldiers comes into Palestinian homes in the middle of the night, and take kids away and has them sign papers, which are written in Hebrew, and the kids with no legal help sign away something but what is they don’t know… this goes on and America says nothing----
I think we are in a very strange place, as America is just reverting to what it was when people l first arrived and killed so many Native Americans .
First they came for the Native Americans , then the Palestinians, then the immigrants, then those fleeing terror, but since they all had darker skins, America didn’t care------------and then, they came for the poor------------ but as so many were poor: — white, black, brown----finally skin color don’t matter anymore-----oh the irony.


Everything is upside down and backwards. The people who are incarcerating these children and treating them inhumanely should be the ones in “detention”.

This nation’s psychic Reparations Deficit is growing exponentially. The bill will eventually come


It is clear that, even children who were not chemically, physically, or sexually abused, have been severely traumatized. Even with Trump’s executive order, the trauma has not ended. Many parents who have been reunited with their children will be deported. The less unlucky ones will have the opportunity to choose whether to take their kids or not. In other cases, state child services may have taken ‘legal’ custody of the children since some child services systems decree that they unauthorized entry to the US is criteria for removing children from parents.


Today, it’s families from south of the border.

Next week, it could be American families.

Allowing Trump to have private plotting sessions with foreign dictators, cannot continue.


Why do you think Twitler has so many golf courses?


But they are pro-life. I guess that only pertains to a fetus or fertilized egg.