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'That This Even Has to Be Said Is Grotesque': Judge Orders Trump Admin to Stop Drugging Migrant Children


Thanks for the reply, I stand corrected and know what you say is true, it’s difficult to make sense of what is going on in these strange times.


You are right, I was not thinking clearly, thanks for the reply.


Since when is it okay to administer drugs without a medical reason? Looks like their needs to be some prison time for drugging minors. Most of these drugs are not even approved for children. This is disgusting and Trump is a mad man! This F**king country is an embarrassment to the rest of humanity. The sooner we implode, the better for the rest of the world. Our government is working on destroying us more every day by creating and manufacturing wars, destroying education, and taking away our voices. Are we adults or are we American COWARDS?


I believe we are looking at that due right now.


Another thing to keep in mind is that the monsters doing this are not going anywhere.
The lawmakers, the profiteers and the order followers. All of them will still be there long after these children are not.
How long do you think it will be until these “people” are unleashed on the American public?
When the next massive protest comes? Or perhaps when they decide it is time to round up the enemies of the state?
Anyone willing to do something like this to children will never be “one of the people”, and are unlikely to refuse any order, no matter how insane.
The monsters putting such a policy in place have even less claim to humanity, and will have few if any limits on what they are willing to do.


Jeff Sessions/Alex Azar/Kirstjen Nielsen = Doctor Josef Menegele. And Der Fuhrer Trump presides.


And remember, if any of these lawsuits actually make it through the appeals process, it will get to the Supremes, who will find trump’s crimes to be constitutional, and perhaps make protests treasonous.
*Hitler is reputed to have said, “To truly control a country, you must first control its courts. Then, whatever you do is legal and whatever the opposition does is illegal.” It worked for Hitler, and now seems to be working for Twitler.
*No matter how foul the crime, it will just be "Heil Twitler!"
*Frankly, when a mayor of a city can put up photos of southern cops and firemen hosing civil rights protesters in the 60s, urging her people that that is the way to handle these protests, and the governor of the state, on being asked to make that mayor to step down. just says he doesn’t interfere in local affairs I think we’ve pretty well hit the end of the line. It will just keep getting worse until we self-destruct.


Mrs. Minitrue says; “It’s time to impeach twitler for sure, and the rest of the gang. They’re sick, sick, sick!” ;-(