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That Time Trump Picked Dandruff Off French President Emanuel Macron During White House Press Availability


That Time Trump Picked Dandruff Off French President Emanuel Macron During White House Press Availability

Common Dreams staff

On Tuesday, in front a scrum of White House reporters, the President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump swept what may have been dandruff off the shoulder of visiting French President Emanual Macron.

"We have to make him perfect," Trump said after doing so. "He is perfect."

In case presidential historians from either country ever forget, here's what that moment looked like:


" Halfpint " War MyCrony deserved that. It was hilarious, tacky and incredibly gauche. A truly bonding moment for Big Shorty and Short Biggy to share with diplomatic offices around the world. The movie, of course, will be Three Flakes in a Flummox.
I hope these two mental pipsqeaks choke on their dinner tonite: the menu is butter lettuce and micro-greens smothered in French dressing, sauteed frog legs in a truffle butter reduction, new potatoes au gratin with McDonald’s ketchup and French vanilla ice cream with white chocolate shaved flakes ( this is when Trump puts his fingers in Madame MyCrony’s dessert ).
The toasts being considered are Viva la Louisiana Purchase!, Viva la Vichy collaborators! and Viva Las Vegas! ( Trump’s favorite ).
Long live the revolution.



Of course Trump will probably tweet: “those French-frogs only bathe once a week and I’m just trying to make him more presentable”. (was that 140 characters?)


Hey he’s your ignorant pig. You voted for him & you got him.
Perhaps next time round more of you will think a bit before you vote.


It’s worth considering that Trump’s behaviour might well have been stopped in it’s tracks early on if only the President of Montenegro had punched Trump in the balls as retaliation for being pushed out of the way.


But, but, but, …I’m not French.


WTF? Just who, exactly John, on this site do you believe voted for him? I most certainly did NOT! Your blanket baseless accusation and belligerant assigning of blame to us all is imaccurate. Maybe next time we’ll have candidates who are considered “worthy” by the moronic masses that comprise over 50% of our voting population, and who aren’t owned by the 1% or Foreign governments who are working to overthrow us. Like Jill Stein


That’s NOT what statesmen do, punch other world leaders in the nuts. What a cretin you are! I hope we do not have to experience too much more of YOUR world.