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That Was No Debate, It Was a 90-Minute Insult to America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/30/was-no-debate-it-was-90-minute-insult-america


As other commentators have said, this thing was a train wreck, in a dumpster fire during a schizen show. But it wasn’t just Hair Furor; the dreary-dollar-drenched-Biden was at best rambling, and at median incoherent; regurgitating obviously rehearsed and flat addresses to ‘you out there,’ which would have been a fine conceit in the 1950’s, but was eerily surreal today.

This was an embarrassment, to the US., to the world, to our species, and to our planet. I couldn’t but help hear a death knell tolling balefully as a background score.


If only. Were not for several of my favorite places on earth not being burnt to the ground by days end, I might consider the debate in different terms. In a final analysis, it is where we are and we have to change what we are doing, we should start with our own behavior.


I only just saw a clip re: the White Supremacists comment by Chris Wallace (a few minutes ago- and got PTSD just watching THAT!! The Headline of the article says “90 minute Insult to America”

I call it an ASSAULT to America - that keeps on giving…unabated. and I am GLAD I did not watch the "S**T SHOW.


Ever since third parties were excluded from POTUS debates after Ross Perot’s stellar performance in 1992, every POTUS “debate” has been an “insult to America”.


I’d never seen ‘it’ before but last night’s “shit show” was like watching somebody dig his own grave. When I awoke from my misery and realized what was going on, I smiled all the rest if the way …to the end of the ‘debate’.

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“If you chose to read a book; if you chose to go for a long walk; if you chose to knit; if you chose to do anything other than participate in the mad, incoherent, made-for-TV farce, you chose to spend your time doing something more valuable than enduring a 90-minute spectacle that was testament to the sad state of America today.”

It is a pretty good article.


women hate him

Why yes … yes we do.


Donald Trump killed Herman Cain.
Where were the other candidates?


There are still 2 more debates to go,-----------BUT!
I have suggestions for the next one.
Remember on the old time quiz shows? People would be locked into a thing like an old phone booth----they could not hear anything coming from outside. So we need to get 2 of those. WHY?
Trump is so horrible and destructive and no matter what the moderator did, Trump kept interrupting. SO------
After the 2 phone booths are set up–one for each candidate------ the lighting is then set to synch with the 2 minute time for the candidate ideas. IF–the candidate speaks over that time, the phone booth type construction will turn the lights OFF— so that the Trump cannot speak over Biden so often.
AND what the moderator needed so desperately-----when the 2 minute speech ends is for the booth to go dark and the mike to also be cut off. This allows the other candidate waiting in his booth to have his booth lights go on, as the Trump lights go out and the mike is cut off. The moderator will then have a clear way to communicate with Trump interrupting.
We in the audience would be able to hear each candidate as each 1 one spoke. AND we would no longer have Trump able to interrupt, or make weird faces. I think this would work beautifully–because we would actually be able to hear CLEARLY what they each were saying!
This would be the best way for the next debate----we would have only one candidate at a time visible and with a mike where we could hear what EACH candidate actually said -and we would actually be able to HEAR what each candidate thought.
And finally, we would be able to hear what the moderator was saying. If you are not able to do theses simple changes–than , really why would anyone tune in next time just to see a 7th grade bully posture and scream about everything? : (

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I did do something else-I read a real book, while listening to classical music, cat curled up beside me. Heard snippets of the fiasco on CBC Radio this morning, along with comments on the order of “sure glad I don’t live there. And sure hope we keep that border closed.”
Best thing Mr. Biden could have done was, when Trump went all crazy on him, just stood up, bowed, said, "Mr Trump, when you’re ready to have a reasoned dialog using your indoor voice, call me. Otherwise, we’re done here. "and walked out.
Wanna bet Trump acts the same way in talks with leaders from other countries. He’s done it to Trudeau and Macron, tried to grope Angela Merkel, pushed the head of Montenegro out of the way to be upfront for a photo op. I hope they tell their horror stories of trying to talk with Trump.

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I watched a recording of the debate in the late hours of the night. NPR or PBS, via youtube. They had a panel afterwards offering opinions. I enjoyed the debate. It was my (silly entertainment)TV time of day.

Mr. Biden actually spent most of his time shaking his head in disgust. Laughing at Trump, pointing at him while looking at Mr. Wallace in that, do something about your child, way. He was definitely the grownup on stage. He did very well considering and no doubt impressed his base.

I kept getting that staged performance vibe. The same feeling I would get when I used to watch sports. The feeling that it is fixed and I am being scammed.

Next time I will watch a movie or show, the acting will no doubt be better. I never did like The Apprentice. I would like Trump to lose and the winner tell him he is fired during the transition. LOL. “Mr. Trump…You’re Fired” (hand gesture) LOL

Have a great night.


Trump wouldn’t agree to such rules. This "S**t Show is exactly what corporate America wants; for Americans to hate their government instead of the evil people who place them atop a pedestal for their amusement.
Did anyone expect Trump not to interrupt, yell, side track, pontificate and hurl insults all night long? He reminded my of the unstable Alex Jones who just has temper tantrums anytime someone gives him a moment to express himself.
Meanwhile, Biden is completely incapable of keeping his composure and responding effectively against Trump. In spite of his cognitive decline and tired rhetoric, Trump would have beaten down even a younger and more stable Biden under any circumstances. Simply put, Biden is a very poor choice to debate Trump which brings me back to my original point that the selection of Biden was by design rather than a choice of the people.
After Hitler came to power in 1933, there wasn’t another multiparty election in Germany for another 57 years. We never hear about Germans complaining about such a change int heir political landscape and that is because Germans accepted the fact that Germany was no longer a functioning democracy. I am afraid that once Trump declares that he is our president for another 4 years whether we like it or not, the public will accept it rather than risk life and liberty to prevent unchecked corporatism from securing a permanent foothold in our government.

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Either of my dogs would make a better debater – indeed, a better president – than either of the clowns who squabbled on public T-V last night.   At least neither of my dogs tells lies and, as president, neither would write any utterly corrupt executive orders.

I do have one question concerning the two “debaters” — how can they both be so childish and so senile at the same time, especially Tweetle-Dumb?


Anybody play along with Matt Taibbi’s and Katie Halper’s drinking game? I suspect they both ended up hammered.

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The corporate media play their little game-----pox on both houses------First every American should watch this debate because it reflects who we are as a nation. Biden was coherent through out this debate----so can we stop the fox “news” BS-----

The media go after Biden for telling Trump to shut up-------WOW-----he is being constantly heckled and Biden should just let it go------right----

The corporate media don’t want a blow out because this will motivate the base of the democrat party to demand more things get done.

Donald Trump and the republican party are TRAITORS to the American Constitution-----they are threatening violence to keep the white elite in power.


This is where Biden missed some important points-----Trump said he was only holding out door rallies----which we know is a lie----Herman Cain attended the indoor Tulsa rally and died from the virus. Trump killed Cain.

So I agree with cognitive decline-----but disagree that a younger Biden could not handle Trump-----I think Biden hit it out of the park------he was not talking to you or me-----he was talking to white working class men-----and if Biden had not told the FUCKING CLOWN TO SHUT UP---- all we would be hearing about is that Biden is weak.

I would have loved to see Warren take on Trump-Bernie would have been destroyed–go watch these voters on PBS------there is only one person who is bothered by Trumps comment supporting his street thugs???

Just like many of the comments here -----they are all bad-----don’t pay attention-----don’t vote------it will all work out ??? Ya it will work out for the rich white elite.

Again-----if the democrats get a blow out this will give the real base more power.

Yea, me too. I could only endure about 15 min. Then vodka, lots, and Netflix.


William Rivers Pitt, on a journalistic colleague:

Chris Wallace followed the well-trodden path of every Republican officeholder and every media personality who has let Trump get away with so much for so long, only to get bulldozed and humiliated for their obsequious, self-interested trouble. The last time I saw a TV person get worked like that, ironically enough, was in 1988, when a white supremacist smashed Geraldo Rivera in the face with a chair on the set of his own show.

Rivera, to his credit, went toe-to-toe with the chair-chucking fascist and came away with a broken nose and his honor intact. Chris Wallace only sat there last night, trembling like a rabbit, and did nothing. There will be a great deal of hindsight poured into what could have been done better last night, if indeed anything could have been done about Trump at all, but that debate will be a smoking crater in Wallace’s resume for all time.