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That Was No Debate, It Was a 90-Minute Insult to America

If you can’t see that both parties share responsibility for this mess, you’re not paying attention.

If you call what Biden presented as ‘coherence’ on the level necessary to be President of this nation, I’m worried for you - I’ve seen (as likely have you) much better thought-organization from a middle-schooler.

Biden and Obomber both brought us Trump, through the thorough (and justified) disillusionment of the D-base. They are as much (if not more) to blame - and that was when Biden had considerably more wits about him.

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It was a pretty disturbing thing to watch.

I’m sure analysts are having a field day in terms of all three participants. I don’t think “blame” is well established here. Just lots of bad behavior, Trump in any other setting would have required medication and Chris Wallace would be asked to retire. Biden, at least still remembers some professional skills.

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Just like his fans/followers/voters. Those that enable him behave the same way.

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Well said! Just asking: was George Wallace allowed in the debates for POTUS?

But then it would look like the game show it really is.

Great, reasoned comment illusion. I saw it the way you have. Biden was fairly measured considering the way he was being treated. I would have thought seriously about going over and giving trump payment for his insane treatment to Biden and the rest of the world.

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No kidding. Trump was like when you are walking in the woods on a hot summer day and a horsefly deer fly, or black fly is constantly buzzing around your head.

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What’s not to hate? I can’t think of a single thing.

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I live in a cannabis legal state, which helps.

I need some mushrooms. That would help more. Too bad, so sad. Not at the store.

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Hi Space_cadet:
LOL, no Trump wouldn’t put up with it—so we would just listen to what Biden had to say. That would upset Trump even more! And maybe , actually and probably ----we would be able to hear everything without Trump talking over everyone. . Dump Trump from the next debate and just have people ask Biden questions—perhaps we would then see Trump become a deranged Trump rushing on stage and demanding more time. Judging by the looks on Trump’s face and his comments---- in the last debate----------it would truly be illuminating to see a huge human meteor hit the stage floor as a blinding light! ! TRUMP, as a one trick meteor . : )

It is not the two parties that have brought us here-----it is a people who are filled with hate and greed--------everyone should watch this debate because it is a mirror of this nation.

I was watching a Bush-Dukakis debate------what a contrast-------they actually got into a discussion of which missile systems should be cut??? and I think the national debt was one trillion.

Also watched a utube video of Sen Fred Harris talking about the Kern Report-----this report was done to understand the violence in the inner city----and Harris points out the number one issue-----the police-----and this report from the 60’s called for community policing.

People in this country have chosen the dark side.

Here’s one for you- ~https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2019/08/08/trump-dinner-so-bad-woody-harrelson-had-burn-one/1954746001/

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I see it as the media has been feeding into The Program for the past four years. They are at least half responsible for the garbage on the tv

My favorite along these lines (I did not watch the show)but I read reviews.
Anyway I really loved it that bydone told orange ogre to shut up while he laughed at him

I was just trying to come with one positive thing I could say about him … crickets …

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There you have it.

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