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"That's His Priority as the Pandemic Rages On": McConnell Readies Lame Duck Push to Further Pack Courts With Trump's Judicial Appointees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/15/thats-his-priority-pandemic-rages-mcconnell-readies-lame-duck-push-further-pack

Don’t give Tweetle-Dumb credit for these scum — all he’s doing is passing along a list from the Federalist Society that he’s rubber blubber-stamped.


Help National Nurses United remove this cretin from majority leadership in Senate:


They will send you everything you need including stamps.

In just 52 days, two Senate runoff elections will take place in Georgia that will determine majority control in the Senate. These will be extremely competitive races with the GOP throwing millions of corporate PAC money to defend these seats.

Without control of the Senate, it will be an uphill battle to get any of the measures we need passed including a long overdue Covid-19 relief bill, protections for frontline nurses and health care workers, and much more.

That’s why we’re recruiting volunteers to write personalized postcards and letters to voters in Georgia urging them to vote for Jon Ossoff and Rev. Rafael


Is it not obvious that the entire Republican party, as confirmed by McConnell’s refusal to work for the people of this nation, instead working for his ideological goals and that of the extreme right wing, is totally corrupt.

This nation is in dire trouble with a party out of control and the other simply not competent to deal with that rampant fascism…


What is the definition of “justifiable homicide” anyway?

Not advocating killing anyone mind you. Just wondering with the country pushing 1/4 million deaths, and the open “just let them die” attitude of the GOP in the Senate what possible recourse is there?

This isn’t an “unstable government,” but rather a fully dysfunctional one. Even a flaccid penis is more functioning than our federal government currently is.


“Death Baby Death! Death Baby Death!” etc.


What I would like to know: What exactly is this horrid man offering the people of Kentucky?

Any idea? Coal?? If that is it then a much stronger case needs to be made for a green economy and how it will improve their lives from a clean and renewable energy source. The ecological crisis should be enough but when a man is hungry he only listens to the grumblings of his empty stomach.


For those of you here who continue to want to shill for fascists and blame Democrats, I hope you can discern the difference by now. 183K new cases Friday with 1200 deaths and Trump and McConnell couldn’t care less. They really do not care how many Americans they kill; Trump is encouraging his fascist brown shirts to commit felonious melees. All McConnell cares about is stacking the courts with fascist judges. Nero fiddled while Rome burned.


There goes Mitch using the power he has to do what his party says they are there to do. Nancy also has power, but she’d rather play political funding games. Mitch is just a republican being republican. Democrat leadership is only cashing in while complaining and doing nothing.different fro Republicans.


US Americans voted as if they regard this pandemic as no big deal. After all, the exact same GOP Senate behavior was on full display before November 3, no? Not only the judicial appointments, the endless jerking about on pandemic relief, twisting in the wind – that all seems hunky-dory with US Americans who keep re-electing creeps like Mobster Mitch. Democrats didn’t take this seriously enough to support a serious Kentucky Senatorial opponent – instead pouring untold millions into the campaign of a fighter-pilot & mom whose entire campaign consisted of just that, literally & totally: “I’m a figher-pilot & mom, so vote for me!” Thanks heaps, Democrats, you’ve been so conscientious.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  03/07/2020         275         275
>  18.  05/09/2020   1,300,421   1,300,696
>  27.  07/11/2020   1,935,434   3,236,130
>  36.  09/12/2020   3,231,351   6,467,481
>  45.  11/14/2020   4,378,892  10,846,373

Survival of the fittest is their guiding principle .
It has been for 3 millennia.

Hi Aleph Null. Yea, i’m with you. How come Biden just sat in his bunker the entire primary campaigning season and let these important senatorial races fend for themselves? Sure, a bunch of dough can help but not if your record on any kind of accomplishments is limited. You are going to need outside active outside endorsements. Sitting in his bunker was probably safe for him(Biden) health wise…not so safe for helping the democratic candidates win back the house as everyone kept saying. Hmm. Makes you almost wonder if Biden is best buds with McConnell?

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My bad, win back the senate.(to many beers).

McConnell is a cynic its all about money for him, if someone paid him a lot more to pass single payor, put in progressive judges, he would. He has no ideology, he is rather simple.


No, you should put some of the blame on the Kentucky Democratic Party and the DNC for sabotaging a candidate that could win and substituting a Republican wannabee to run against McConnell.

Sound familiar?

The DNC Always backs the Corporate Party candidates over any progressive candidate and as a result loses election after election. But they don’t really care. It gives them fundraising ammunition and keeps the Corporate Party in Power. Same thing happened in Maine and we got Susan Collins for another six years.


Ultimately, people like McConnell do not belong in America.


Whenever the Dems do something like that, it opens a window into their real motivations, motivations that should enrage us all.


They shouldn’t be allowed to run around loose, that’s for sure.

If i could add an alternative theory on why the democratic party has been lately perpetually not adding or retaining house/senate seats: I think somebody else is pulling the puppet strings (and we all know who they are…the oligarchy class). These scum are the ones who are ruining america for their own financial interests. It is they who don’t care about the welfare of others, only themselves. The only way out of this morass of corruption being perpetuating by them is…


Anyone know why the rotten, treasonous bastard has never been investigated? Again, it’s Pelosi. If anyone thinks Pelosi is not complicit in Moscow’s conduct then why has she never called him out as the rotten sociopath he is? Want to crimp his smirking style? Investigate him and his drug smuggling wife. Just don’t hold your breath waiting for the Democrats to move against him and Cocaine Elaine.