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"That's How They Got Capone": Filing by NY Prosecutors Indicates Broader Probe Into Alleged Trump Tax Fraud

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/03/thats-how-they-got-capone-filing-ny-prosecutors-indicates-broader-probe-alleged


Well yeah, long overdue.

The devil is in the details.


I’ve become very skeptical of pretty much everything now. I’m not saying the charges are dubious or questionable: I expect there’s substance there.

But what disturbs me is this. Trump’s corruption was well-known before his nomination. It’s not new. These investigations could have taken place then – and had that happened, they possibly could have prevented Trump’s nomination. But that’s not what the DNC or the MSM wanted then: they wanted Trump nominated because they thought he’d be the weakest possible opponent for Hillary. So none of this was pursued when it would have done the most good.

It’s being pursued now because Democrats and the MSM are afraid,that Biden, despite everything, may lose. Again, I’m not claiming that Trump is innocent or that these charges shouldn’t be investigated.

I’m saying the timing is suspicious. And political. And will, rightfully, be regarded as such by Trump supporters.


The only way Trump will be removed from office is if he gets sick from the virus that he constantly exposes himself to or he loses the election and the military escort him out of the White House as he has his farewell monumental temper tantrum.

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Nothing here about the Trump family snuggling under the covers of the NYC Democratic political Machine just as his father Fred The Federal Subsidized Low Income Housing Contractor Trump arranged for most of his vast wealth earned thanks to Post WW II and Wall Street Collapse\Great Depression programs enacted by BIG GOVERNMENT, back when that meant concern for productive solutions to end homelessness and housing insecurity going to primarily two of his children. Of those two Trump children (out of six siblings) that would become the primary beneficiaries of Fred Trump’s contracting and real estate bid-net there was a U.S. circuit judge appointed by President Bill Clinton
and among the least likely men ever to be selected President of the U.S.

It certainly explains younger Donald Trump’s flattering and sympathetic news clip interviews about NY Jr. Senator representing Wall Street, Hillary Clinton available on You Tube U. of Tube. Rarely delved into by the corporate captured and High Finance owned national news industry during their marathon Presidential campaign media coverage of 2015-16.

Those two of Fred Trump’s six children would contribute mightily to the GOP movement to SHRINK BIG GOVERNMENT and shift the Trump family contracting construction and housing maintenance business funded by the tax-payers to a tax dodge branding speculative luxury housing built by other contractors for the Oligarchs as wealth concentrated and global capital was unfettered even further by the House of Clinton.

No muck-raking journalist or gum-shoe investigator, certainly nobody from the notably disinterested IRS and NY STATE FRANCHISE TAX BOARD took the kind of interest that VILLAGE VOICE reporter Wayne Barrett took over the decades sleuthing institutional corruption.

That soft-spoken refugee from the Jim Crow era New South to NYC as a young aspiring journalist when it was still the media capital of the world showed the kind of persistence gathering documents and presenting comprehensive long-form weekly newspaper journalism that the dailies did not consider to be part of their bid-net model.

Wayne Barrett’s special focus veered towards how Donald Trump came under the guidance of less than Public Interest-ed attorney and ill-intentioned mentor in the ever self-serving person of Roy Cohn, LLP. Also, how the family business which began as a Public\Private Partnership between apartment housing contractor Fred Trump, who was in fact successfully sued for violating the FAIR HOUSING ACT and keeping out African Americans from that low-income housing built and funded by tax-payers to actually owning those apartment buildings plus the land they were built on and colluding with city officials to also become the maintenance contractors which proved a very lucrative bid-net, indeed.

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“Lawyers for Mr. Trump have said he did nothing wrong.”

If so, why all of the stalling? Why all the court challenges? Only a fool wearing a red hat would believe this man is innocent.


Neither Paul Ryan or Moscow Mitch were ever going to go after trump.
But that doesn’t let Pelosi of the hook for doing nothing of any value in her tenure.


That may be true about that’s how they got Capone, but if Trump cheats enough to win in November, I predict that is not how they will get Trump! Trump will have four more years to figure out how to exonerate himself because he will be impervious from prosecution until 2024…


Let us see his tax returns like we are entitled to him being a public figure. “The devil is in the details”. I don’t think the charges against Trump are trumped up or trivial, several NY attorneys have tried to go after this fellow, i smell rats


It has been traditional for several generations now that presidential candidates reveal their tax returns, but IIRC there
is no law requiring that they do so.  Trump promised at one time that he would release his returns, but then reneged using the excuse that he was being audited.

The biggest rat is Giuliani, to whom Trump gave a share of his N.Y. profits in exchange for avoiding prosecution for not just tax fraud (undervaluing Trump properties to avoid taxes) and bank fraud (overvaluing those same properties to obtain loans), but also money laundering (in cahoots with Russia-controlled DeutscheBank for sure, and probably several others run by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, et al.)  Of course once Giuli-Loony let Tweetle-Dumb off the hook for these crimes then he himself was guilty of a crime and Cohen & Trump had ‘Kompromat’ on him that they could use if nec­essary to force his coöperation in further schemes, but I rather doubt much pressure was needed once Giuliani had joined the Drümph-Kushner Crime Family.   “Dirty Birds Of A Feather Flock Together.”


Can you imagine a Trump supporter when Trump is convicted of Tax evasion? They’ll say “We were chanting lock her up! And they locked him up!!!” :frowning:


They should have locked them BOTH up — and well before 2016!!


Hi Robert:
Hmm, the devi Iis in the details…" yes, but when I looked at the accompanying photograph:
I saw VIad the ImpaIer and next to him 2 younger ghouls. : (


When you have pissed-off as many people, especially connected people as trump has with his malignant ego, narcissism, and attack tweets, there are many people out there that would like to hang his worthless ass - anyone got some string? The prosecutors in NY want his ass and if there’s a way they will get it - they know there is lots of smoke there and where there’s smoke…!
He will be prez for only a short time then the bulls-eye on his back turn neon, and he better move to Russia or the Ukraine - anywhere with no extredition!


Actually there were multiple investigations of Trump and his shady business practices well before he ran for President - from his bogus university to his bogus foundation to his mob ties. Generally, he has just stayed out of jail by paying people off who would otherwise be the key witnesses to his crimes. I think prosecutors have much more evidence now that people like Michael Cohen are cooperating.


an doncha no … snakes love rats


The trump mob types did a yeoman service by shoveling the fire on gutting big government. Pause just a moment and ask qui bono on that one? Reaganite rationales, pyramid schemers for privatization, financial GLOBALIZATION… otherwise known as transnational, institutionalized parasitism in the name of progress, spelled ssergorp. Flay the body politic, turn its skin inside out and grind the bones via mass media hypnosis. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The dynamics and criteria for the above are NOT what TV has been selling. The dynamics and the criteria for parasitism require mirror worlds, two steps out of the path of science and fact, the constant digging of inconceivable holes such as the specialities of, say, a Pompeo.

Anybody for an updated reading of Sartre’s “Nausea”?


check out David Cay Johnston of Rochester, NY.
He is supreme expert on Donnies false tales of massive wealth.

DA says 8 years back. Before that is gone from any prosecutions.
Trump may plead that he is a salesman and legally permitted to puff
his product.

In one USA state, engineers are responsible for their products, projects
plans and projections for 15 years. And only a 5% puff permitted.

The federal fraud investigation may be gaining loans from Deutsche Bank.
Kushner borrowed about 700 million last summer from somebody in the middle east.
Likely does not have to pay it back. Has purchased more apartment complexes
since then.

Will this effect coming November election = NO.


Not to worry, Emphyio — Putin will welcome him to Russia and order DeutscheBank to “lend” him the rubles to build Drümpf Tower Moscow.  After all, Uncle Vlad owes him big time for everything Tweetle-Dumb has done to undermine America’s standing in the world and weaken our alliances – especially NATO.

Too bad Lev Parnas and his buddy Igor won’t be going to trial before the election, but what’s really needed is a way
to get Giuli-Looney to “sing” . . .


Again I quote

“Capitalists believe they can take everything at the table as belonging to them. Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.”

  • Al Capone