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That's It for 'The Mooch'? Trump Boots Scaramucci From Post


That's It for 'The Mooch'? Trump Boots Scaramucci From Post

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Just 10 days after announcing that Anthony Scaramucci would serve as the new White House communications director, President Donald Trump has decided to dismiss him from the position, the New York Times first reported Monday.


For ‘Kelley to build his own team’? When did we elect him to the Oval Office? Nobody tells me nuttin’!

Anybody else getting real scared just about now? Do we even have a government that can function properly as a democracy? Where are we headed? The ‘Generals’ are taking over?

You know folks, it could really be true!


Scary mooch did not even have time to “divest” of his personal hedge fund fortune…and he breathed a long sigh of relief on that count. Career grunts with lots of brass and ribbons do not appreciate loud-mouthed, back-talking dandies in their cadre. Kelly has a very big broom and will not stop sweeping until the halls shine like his boots/shoes.

Besides, S made a huge mistake maligning Bannon who has DJT’s ear/head/arse in a sling.


Something tells me that this change is not a Trump decision and that he will regret the day he met da General.


So, the prictator fires the mooch, but we’re still stuck with the real threat to our country and lives! How much more insanity are we going to have to endure b4 Trump is O-U-T??


Will Kelly now be the decider in chief and Trump the promoter? Kind of looks like the Trumpenstein monster is overwhelmed by the office and needs to bunker down to cover his financial dealings and the presidency is kind of like too much on his plate and an even bigger distraction. Now Kelley will ‘advise presidential’ behind the scenes. The man behind the curtain and all that.

A run for Kelley in 2020? Neo-Prussians that we are.


What did the Prussians ever do besides make fine china and where are they now?


After the Prussians came Hitler. They made china? The Kaiser maintained the militaristic culture of the Prussians. They also formed the basis for the first unified German State.


Yes, they were gifted at making fine china, it is pretty expensive today as it probably was then.

This is from my google search:

“Prussia as a people were a bunch of baltic tribes who lived from the Region of Prussia, north to todays Baltic States. They ended up being conquered in a Crusade to Christianise them and they ended up being assimilated into German and Polish ethnic groups.”


Now “The Mooch” can go to his quiet home alone and suck his own penis in peace.:v:
What a White House full of losers. It’s past time for The Orange Anus and his dirty cabal to go. A huge job for “We The People!”


Big break for the media. They no longer will have to spend time deciding whether a word is too dirty to print. Children can be allowed to read the NY Times again and find out about all the awful things Trump is doing. Let’s see how long Kelly lasts in his new post. Trump seems to displaying a lot of impulsive behavior with all these firings. Not a good sign for a guy who is followed around by someone carrying the nuclear code.


The Mooch screws the pooch, after drinking Trump hooch. Sadly to say, the ten day roll in the hay, ended this way. When your in the doghouse with Trump, always be watching your rump, that nice pat on your back, turns into another Trump hump.


As Mr. Greenjeans of “Captain Kangaroo” fame used to say; “it gets funnier and funnier”. For those old enough to remember that is. What alarms me is that Trump is using more military brass in key civilian positions which is certainly in line with his authoritarian regime. However generals are trained for one key role; making and fighting wars. The are few civilian keys,(personnel) in the way to prevent a catastrophic call to arms by over zealous, over confident generals. This is scary to say the least. Things have got to be ratcheted down, soon, or I fear all the hawks in key roles will do what they do best; make totally unnecessary, unneeded, devastating, war!!


I’m curious about just how much Trumpian bullshit Kelly will be willing to put up with.


In history those are known as the ‘Old Prussians’ a Slavic people related to the Pomeranians (from which we get the word spruce btw). The Prussians of a later age, long after the Middle Ages, were a northern German state before unification. It was the most powerful of the German speaking states save the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Prussian efforts towards unification brought about the nation we know as Germany. The modern Prussians were German but the ancient Old Prussians were Slavic and probably spoke a language related to the Lithuanians. The Teutonic Knights exterminated or enslaved them providing a role model for Hitler’s attitude and intended plans for all Slavs.


You have it horribly wrong. Trump may be a boob and a phony but at least he is a civilian and he was elected (such as he was anyway)! Kelley should not be making executive decisions concerning policy and diplomacy. America and our democracy are falling on hard times and the road ahead is uncharted. Worrisome days thanks to the asinine Repubs. To get their tax cuts for the wealthy, the Repubs have subverted their own democracy!


“Before it was called Germany, it was called Germania. In the years A.D. 900 until 1806, Germany was part of the Holy Roman Empire. From 1949 to 1990, Germany was made up of two countries called the Federal Republic of Germany (inf. West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic” At that point it became a nation state instead of a monarchy and actually split into two separate governments


I have to admit, it is cathartic seeing the GOP eat themselves alive. Then I just get frustrated remembering that despite this, the Dems are doing NOTHING positive to increase their chances of winning in 2018.


Kelly acts a civilian in his Chief of staff role.


I get what you are saying, but tell me, what was the last winning war Kelly was involved in?