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That's It for 'The Mooch'? Trump Boots Scaramucci From Post


How could you miss the whole chapter on German unification twice? There was no state called Germany in the HRE (neither holy nor Roman nor an empire etc) look up the reunification of Germany. Prussia was one of the hundreds of small states and petty principalities that formed the HRE. It emerged as the most powerful German state prior to the Franco-Prussian War which set the stage for WWI.


The German Empire (German: Deutsches Kaiserreich, officially Deutsches Reich)[5][6][7][8] was the historical German nation state[9] that existed from the unification of Germany in 1871 to the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1918, when Germany became a federal republic.

The German Empire consisted of 26 constituent territories, with most being ruled by royal families. This included four kingdoms, six grand duchies, five duchies (six before 1876), seven principalities, three free Hanseatic cities, and one imperial territory. Although Prussia became one of several kingdoms in the new realm, it contained most of its population and territory, thus remaining a powerhouse with a major say in imperial affairs. Its influence also helped define modern German culture.

I didn’t miss it, Prussia no longer existed at this point. There is a larger context here


What an effing clown car.


What for? communicating.


Germanos sez: “… President Donald Trump has decided to dismiss (Scaramucci) from the position, the New York Times first reported Monday.”

Worst season of Apprentice ever. Who’s in charge of casting this debacle, anyway?


You do understand that my reference to the Prussians is using the word as an adjective right? The ‘Prussians’ reknowned for their dueling scars and clicking boot heels to say nothing about their rigid compartmentalized militarized society ( to get anywhere or to hold public office you had to have been in the military) is a metaphor for the military obsession of our bloated military and the policeman of the world illusion that holds us fast to a dangerous delusion.

The German Empire was not the HRE. The North German Confederation from 1871 (the Franco-Prussian War in 1870) was dominated by the acquisitive Prussians who eventually became the core of German unification.

All this history is irrelevant as I was using the term ‘Prussians’ as an adjective and a metaphor for a militarized society.


I’ve got a slightly different hypothesis about what just went down. The GOP Congress just thumbed their noses at Trump’s psychotic need to stomp on the memory of Obama. Priebus, before becoming CoS was the chair of the RNC. He was the closest thing in that WH to an establishment pol (Pence doesn’t count, 'cause he’s a fringe whacko,) and the dumpster fire is outraged at the establishment pols for making him look like the ass that he is. Trump is a fucking weenie and wouldn’t fire Priebus himself for all of the obvious party political backlash. So he brings in this greasy little assassin to take Priebus out, and his task is complete. Thanks, and see ya at the club - check’s in the mail. Is this a Bannon special? Just a thought.

Hey, didn’t little Donny say several times on the campaign trail that he knew better than all the generals?

Another thought, just something I’ve been wondering about lately: I wonder how many of Trump’s “unshakable base” could tell you, if you would ask them, why the US government has sanctions in place against Russia and Russian oligarchs?

Germany is a de facto energy and business partner of Russia, and they are leading the charge to nullify this new round of US sanctions, as reported on DK News yesterday.


Tony the mooch must have had the most filthy mouth that had its debouchment reported in print.
What happened to the slogan’ All the news that is fit to print’?
Good riddance to him.


This is an interesting conversation and I should thank you. Thank you. Ok, this is not a simple matter but yes much of the German Empire was part of the Holy Roman Empire and that was by conquest or militarization if you like. The other part was not, Prussia. My point is that pretty much all of Europe was militarizedd. Russia with their revolution as well. Actually, Prussia was not nationalistic at this point. II just thought your example was out of contest. I do have a better understanding of what happened.


Bannon! Insulting him publicly was Scaramucci’s fatal error!