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'That's Not How It Works': Experts Call Out Don Jr's Bogus Claim of Attorney-Client Privilege


'That's Not How It Works': Experts Call Out Don Jr's Bogus Claim of Attorney-Client Privilege

Jake Johnson, staff writer

When Trump Jr. wasn't illegitimately invoking attorney-client privilege, he appeared to be hampered by what one lawmaker called a "very serious case of amnesia"


Junior doesn’t understand that attorney-client privilege only binds the attorney (in almost all but life endangering) circumstances to secrecy. Nothing more to it. What a dumb cluck Trump spawned.


Lock Him Up!


“I don’t recall” has been used for at least 15 years in an attempt to avoid justice and in the past it has worked for some odd reason.

These people are professionals, they should be held accountable.


What a dipshit. So there are probably 100 or so lawyers in the Senate chamber - does that mean everything that is said in there is protected because there are lawyers present?? Come on, surely Trump and all his $$ can buy better legal advice than this. Take the 5th or some other BS, but attorney-client privilege?? Why not just say “fuck you,” and be done with it, since that is the subtext here.


It was AIPAC and the Zionist billionaires who helped put Trump in the WH. That is the reason for his officially recognizing the illegally occupied capital of the state of Palestine. Payback time to the Zionist MAFIA gang controlling US policy.


Lock all of them up!


Following in his father’s draft dodging, tax dodging, lying performance(s).


What a twit / asshole. (As time goes on and being faced with this ridiculous family, my language has certainly deteriorated for lack of words to potty-mouthed utterances. But I don’t apologize, as I imagine most people don’t.)

I just hope he goes to jail for his ridiculous attempts to evade the law.


You were generous. Don, Jr. is certainly not a professional anything except maybe a professional idiot.


His expression in the photo says FU loudly and clearly…he, like his genetic donor from whom he learned his behavior, feels he is above the law. No brains, no integrity, no self-respect just like DJT. And the Senate does nothing…what a waste of time, money, and space.


Some just call Don Jr.'s behavior manipulation, lying and obstruction.
Get these asswipes out of The White House. We The People, deserve better. The country and world would benefit.


Moron, Jr.


Junior always had the look of a stupid frat boy to me.

Now, it’s clear my first impression was spot on.


Soon. Little Donnie “Dumbass” Jr. is going to be very popular in prison.

He will never be wanting for male companionship.


So true Anne.


little donnie jr is thrashing around in a “sea” of his own making. he gets stupider day by day.


And the Republicans in Congress continue to shirk their duties as evidenced by not a single one of them calling this punk to account. The GOP is really looking bad these days. Too bad we can’t count on Democrats calling them out when, at some future date, these bastards go back to their “family values and patriotism” speal. At the moment, they are showing their true colors (and for that, I thank trump, who has taken the mask off of the GOP), they couldn’t care any less of average Americans and are only concerned about padding their pockets. Of course, I can’t really say a whole lot of positive things about the Democrats, but at least they are showing that they have honor in how they are calling out their fellow Democrats who have stepped over the line.


And the boy is deserving of the attention. His notoriety will certainly “buoy” him up. And he’ll finally experience the truism that what goes around comes around.


That was certainly worth waiting for, Rose Marie.