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"That's Not How We Defeat Trump': Biden Campaign, Reversing Course, Will Work With Super PACs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/24/thats-not-how-we-defeat-trump-biden-campaign-reversing-course-will-work-super-pacs

Status Quo Joe is a neoliberal extreme Corporatist and has been his entire career. He isn’t going to change.

He wasn’t kidding when he said " nothing will fundamentally change"


Elections are won by a message that “We the People” want to hear from a heart that isn’t “paid for”! Bernie has that heart; Bye-Done is operating with one that pumps “green” blood! (No offense to Mr. Spock)


Yuh beat me to it, Phred – “said Bedingfield. ‘Nothing changes unless we defeat Donald Trump.’”

Said Biden – Nothing will change if I am president.


Might I add my personal edit? "Nothing changes unless BERNIE defeats Donald Trump."


Biden has as much appeal as expired milk.


Dammit, underledge, I have drunk “expired milk;” Biden has, for me, FAR less appeal!


Hey Kate Bedingfield, lets be real clear, your candidate is not going to beat Trump, super PAC or not. Do the country a favor, and have Biden drop out now.


Biden’s a Russian Asshat


Democrat or Republican, no candidate can raise billions with grass roots support. Realistically, Biden has to do this to compete and defeat Trump. Until Dems get the White House and Congress, nothing will change the system. If you haven’t noticed, Biden and Trump are already fighting against each other. Biden or any other Dem realistically needs billions, not just millions, to win this fight for the long year ahead.

Biden’s word appears to be worth squat. You have to ask what other “promises” Biden would so easily break if he were elected President.

Don’t get me wrong, Trump way worse than Biden. But Dems need to run someone who actually has solid political integrity, not someone with an apparently shaky reputation for it.


Super PACs are funded by high roller influence peddlers … it is a form of insurance. Who actually wins is not the objective as they have taken out multiple policies.

For a definition of influence peddling see: Biden Clan/Ukraine.


Have you ever wondered why you need billions? It’s because of oligarchy of this country is trying to sell you (and others) a platform that nobody wants. When you build policy based on the needs of people, its amazing how little one needs in terms of consultants, strategists, polls and focus groups. It isn’t that hard to figure out. It’s why progressive campaigns are leaner and more agile.

Your idea that you can take their money and then fix the system is simply bunk.


“at least ideologically” – hmm, how might that haunt the American project?

The senile old man is running out of money so sure he HAS to take money from sleazy (Phrma, insurance, banking, weapons) zillionaire pacs. Sanders has “people” money behind him.


Joe Biden is the re-animated, walking corpse of the Democratic Party. In a way, he actually deserves to be the nominee because he epitomizes the decades of political decay that produced today’s party. Biden is getting PAC money now to ensure the interests of big money are served, either by re-electing Trump or by electing another economic neoliberal. For big money, either Trump or Biden are fine; Bernie is not. Lather, rinse, repeat. I am so sick of this shit.


The entire political process as now exists is a charade and corruption. Biden’s candidacy is to serve that reality, not the public or even to “defeat trump”!

Bernie is how we accomplish both reforms and rid ourselves of the corruption and malignant scum!

The deal is you give me money (campaign contribution and other bribes) and I will do what you want, usually derail reforms and/or offer legislation that benefits the bribery with profits or ability to pollute, exploit, etc, etc.

The mechanism is a quid pro quo - money bribery given and politicians delivering what the beneficiary, often thru their hired or staff lobbyists, and even more often to screw the public electorate that voted the criminal politician into office!

Quid pro quo is evidence of violation of oath of office, IMO, and official corruption - to take money and other benefits to provide political, business,and, other actions that do not serve the electorate but the briber! Is that not how it works?


If we’ve got a Trump v ByeDone choice in 2020, I’m hoping Tulsi actually does run third party.

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Agree, but first we have to defeat the SUPER,CORRUPT,DEMOCRATIC,DELEGATES!

Like I have posted before, Presidents are selected long before they are elected and like others have said: " if voting for the POTUS really mattered…IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL!"

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