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'That's Not What Happened at All,' Say Prosecutors After Barr Falsely Claims Man Cast 1,700 Fake Ballots in Texas

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/04/thats-not-what-happened-all-say-prosecutors-after-barr-falsely-claims-man-cast-1700


Yes, We can Bust the Ballot Burglary
Keiser Report: How to protect your mail-in ballot and un-steal the election

  • by Greg Palast


22% of all mail-in ballots don’t get counted — that’s according to an MIT study conducted before Trump took office. And [the Post Office has always been a problem even before a Forever Trumper was appointed as Postmaster General.


photo caption:

In moments before head-shaving in advance of electrocution chair, Attorney General William Barr expressed deep sadness that he’d “never be able to hurt anyone again.”


OK, now get ready for “the hanging chads.”


Well this goes along with the trumpster telling people vote twice. I would think in states were govt. is friendly to trumpster they would count them all and no one would go to jail. Pretty sad little 3 world country Amerika has become;-)


This entire regime is characterized by pathological liars! Starting at the very top with the hideous creature and Liar In Chief, to Barr, to - well, to about every goddamn one of 'em! I cannot think of a single one of thr trump cabinet or “advisers” who’s word is worth a plug nickle! And none that aren’t working to make our nation and world more deadly, more polluted, more poisoned by chemicals spread at will, and more divided - one nation with liberty and justice for all seems to have tossed into the trump regime round file!

How can the public or our republic survive another 4 years of blatant bald-faced lies, culture of deception, nutters fantasy world views that diminish every dog-lovin one of us!

As I always say, there are some thing up with which I will not put! and neither should any one of us!


“Hypocritical hyperbole, come get your hypocritical hyperbole!”
–Billy (should be behind) Barr(s)


"1700 fake votes (alleged) are not nearly as bad as the 5 SCOTUS votes that installed the Dubya Regime in 2000.


As a Jose Rodriguez in disguise, I must confess
There were 1,491 votes I cast, not any less
Ballots went out and never returned in mail
Because I inked them up while eating kale
They were good and counted as such
Learned this trick from Holland’s Dutch

Please vote earlier and more often than once.
Local, county, state are yours too, don’t punce.


william barr is a gluttonous pig when it comes to food AND politics!


You’re a poet
and you didn’t even
know it!

If Hollywood ever makes a remake of Alice in Wonderland, I nominate Bill Barr to play the caterpillar. Like the caterpillar, he appears to spend his days smoking a hookah----and his mind truly reflects this.Perhaps he should find a new career. Oh yes, a professional bag pipes player would be just the thing—but put super glue on the pipes so we would never have to listen to his lying self.


Another day, another amalgam of lies from Trump and his bagmen.
I have to say, when it comes to bullshit, the Trump brigade have turned the Gish Gallop into an art form.


Barr in that photo looks like the proto-typical two year old in the throes of a pouting tantrum. But…he’s from the Old South and they still can’t get over the fact they lost the war. Liars and sociopaths form clusters in our culture where they can literally get away with murder. In other places and times, they would have been put on ice floes or suffered a fatal hunting accident. Or been outlawed after branding.


So, if winner not clear by a landslide, is GOP planning another SCOTUS ruling to decide?
Of course, GOP Senate has been busy - not with people’s bizness, like election security bills & few hundred others that House passed & sent on to Senate…where McConnell is proud to brag that he lets NONE go forth to Senate to be voted on. Hell no! McConnell is proud yo say that he’s the Grim Reaper of bills waiting to be heard on Senate floor & voted into law. But alas, they die a sure death when they 1st arrive at McConnell’s desk.
Senate Gatekeeper = Grim Reaper!?! So, why do we pay him & Senate their full pay??
They don’t do their full job. Impeachment non-trial anyone?
300-400 House bills passed by House & srnt on to Senate, where never heard from again! Including very important things like ELECTION SECURITY bills!!!
So, they rubber-stamp judges that Trump can’t even name, let alone did he suggest them for job on bench! Trump spends less time at his job than any president ever! Watching FauxNews & tweeting shit for all to see – these are not presidential job duties. I am sure that numerous trips to his own golf resorts, where taxpayers pay top dollar rates for his entourage, security, etc. to stay at Trump’s resort. They have to. He’s there.
At least don’t have to pay for Trump’s “rooms” (building?)…right?!?
He is owner of resort, so stays there free, of course! Of course…right? Right??
Treasury paying those bills for the many trips to Mar-a -ago & other Trump locales. BETTER have itemized receipts, without which U.S. gov’t doesn’t pay the bills! Right?! We, taxpayers are paying for all that shit…& demand properly written billing statements before they are paid! Normal business procedures. Same as any other bills & receipts to be paid by Treasury Dept., correct?!?


“…is the GOP planning another SCOTUS ruling to decide?”

Probably not, but can’t be ruled out. Here’s a vid of Greg Palast on Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp. Palast spells out his thought’s on how he believes the “rigging” will take place.

“It Will Be Rigged - But the Way You Think” / Redacted Tonight Platform


And Tweetle-Dumb should play – well – Tweedle-Dum.   Portly, stupid and irascible — the type-casting is irrefutable!

PLEASE do NOT insult pipers.  IMHO, the only appropriate job for Bill Barr is night watchman at a sewage treatment plant.  He’s already gotten a lot of experience at the White House following Tweetle-Dumb around and trying to clean up after him, but there’s no way it can be adequately fumigated after being occupied by the present gang of turds — they’ll have to tear it down and start over.


From this story:
“Barr is a shameless liar and most importantly has been one for his entire career.”

Here’s some proof to that statement, going back to the Iran Contra era. From the Terry Reed and John Cummings book, “Compromised: Clinton, Bush, And The CIA”, in the article by Whitney Webb (below).

"…a hushed meeting was held in a bunker at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock, Arkansas. During the meeting, William Barr, who represented himself as the emissary of then-CIA Director Bill Casey told Clinton:
‘The deal we made was to launder our money through your bond business but what we didn’t plan on was you and your n****r here start taking yourselves seriously and purposely shrinking our laundry.’
(This was after Clinton’s brother was busted for cocaine smuggling, who Clinton pardoned later)

Barr chastised Clinton for his sloppy handling of the delicate operation and his half-brothers very public fall from grace. He would latter tell Clinton (according to Reed),

‘Bill, you are Mr. Casey’s fair-haired boy…You and your state have been our greatest asset. Mr. Casey wanted me to pass on to you that unless you fuck up and do something stupid, you’re #1 on the short list for a shot at the job you’ve always wanted. You and the guys like you are the fathers of the new government. We are the new covenant.’"

This was in reference to the Mena, AK. part of the operation.

So yes Barr has always been CIA, has always been a lying piece of trash, and the CIA is running the Justice Department, and we wonder why there’s no justice coming out of that department.

(h)ttps://unlimitedhangout.com/2019/08/investigative series/from-spook-air-to-the-lolita-express-the-genesis-and-evolution-of-the-jeffery-epstein-bill-clinton-relationship/
By Whitney Webb


Where do these slime trail leaving criminals come from? The Barr’s, the McConnells’ , the Jordans’, the Nunes’. I can almost understand Trump, he is sick, and stupid beyond belief, but there are others who have sold their souls , figuratively, and destroyed their legacies.
Once Biden and Harris are sworn in Barr will be gone. But that is not enough, he must be disbarred as well, never to practice law again.

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IF (unfortunately, I can’t say “When”) this cabal of criminals is brought to trial, Tweetle-Dumb can legitimately plea
“Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity”.   Barr, DeVos, Giuliani, Kushner, McConnell, Mnuchin, Nuñes, Pence, Pompeo,
Prince et al, et al, et al have no such excuse . . .

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