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That's "Right-Wing Prime Minister" to You, Says Growing Chorus of Corbyn Fans



Yes Corbyn is a dangerous left-wing revolutionary as proven by the fact that he opposed the Iraqi war along with the majority of the British public, but it would be ridiculous to call Cameron right-wing for just protecting war criminal Blair who took the country into that illegal war based on lies and against the people's wishes.


With scumbums like Cameron, Blair and Cheney, ad nauseum, up is always down. Because they say so, and they've got the money and connections to back it up (America in a nutshell.).


If Corbyn is "left-wing", then so were PMs Winston Churchill (1950-1954), Anthony Eden, Harold MacMillan, and Douglas-Home, all Tory Prime Ministers who maintained without question the British National Health Service, old age pensions, the unemployment benefit, the nationalised British Railways, the nationalised steel industry and the nationalised coal industry, the national Egg Board, not to mention publicly owned gas and electricity utilities, daily free milk for school kids up to age of leaving secondary school, subsidised school dinners for kids up to the age of leaving secondary school, free nursery schools (pre-primary) for working families, cost-of-living grants to university students and free university tuition.

Damn, I have just realised; these Conservative Party Prime Ministers (together with the Queen who had approved these measures) must have been communist "sleepers" trying to impose socialism on the UK!


I prefer Reich wing. And our U.S. media does the same thing. Both Britain and the U.S. are in the grip of neo-fascists. We are all the way back to the late 1800s. With electronics and nukes. With visual mass media propaganda dumbing down the masses. A betting man would likely say we don't stand a chance. Do we have the fortitude to bring the nro-fascists to heel and justice? I'm betting the planet will be incinerated first.


These Corbyn fans need to threaten the BBC's bottom line by refusing to pay their public TV bill.


Well done Mr. Corbyn, now, keep pissing in Cameron's Wheaties!


Hmm, God Save the Queen. Monarchy has a history of not protecting anyone who opposed them in any way, shape or form. Torture and imprisonment was the least penalty and being publicly tortured to death along with you family and even pets the most severe penalty. Why on earth should God save the monarchy when the monarchy all too often broke all of the 10 commandments and to whom the seven deadly sins was a daily ritual, eventually that hypocrisy has to come to and end.
The only difference between those people in mental institutions who believe they are kings and queens and those who do so with government approval is how people they can convince that their insanity with regard to their superiority over all others by virtue of the penis and vagina involved is sane (it most definitely is not, their pride in their distorted birth truly and honestly should be a matter of shame for them, tainted by their homicidal maniac ancestors).


I had a similar problem with WNYC/NPR employing the "left-leaning" description - they never to my recollection refer to "right-leaning" as a descriptive. I contacted them to complain on the essential bias that some may infer in the "left' label that can evoke all sorts of prejudice - funny how a "right-wing" politician is never identified as such. They seemed to get the point but now again label groups as "left-leaning" in a complete failure of journalistic integrity. What may seem (to some) as so-called "left" today used to be middle of the road or "mainstream", but for politicians (and media) following Republicans further to the right and corporate fascism has become the norm........

The same BS rationale the BBC uses to justify their labeling bias is used by NYC and NPR in their timid corporate/funding beholden mindset and reporting......."public" radio? Not by a long shot.......

"Our journalists use descriptions of different political leanings to help the audience’s understanding or where there is a specific editorial justification. Mr. Corbyn was to the left of the other candidates and now he has been elected it is fair and accurate to say the Labour leadership is more to the left, or more 'left wing' than before. We do not use such labels in every instance, but we have taken a similar approach with the different political shades of other parties." - If it sounds like a duck it probably is just BS........


Sorry JohnBoyH, I meant to post this as a reply to the story, not you specifically.....ah well it is done.


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