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Thawing Permafrost Emitting Higher Levels of Potent Greenhouse Gas Than Previously Thought: Study

Ditto, Ditton

I was just dying to say that. But also, Climate News Network is a definite bookmark, imho. Thanks much.

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Perhaps I only find it possible to contemplate because I’m childless (and thus utterly unqualified to opine). Just around the corner is a neighborhood playground, from which I hear the playful ruckus from children of this daunting millennium: mock screams and laughter. Just that much is enough to fill my sails. There’s also how to prepare myself: a nontrivial consideration, even though I have far fewer decades ahead of me. There’s no evidence the happy accident of Life has ever flashed into play anywhere ever before, or that it ever will again. That casts a new dimension of temporal rarity to this miracle we’re privileged to enjoy.

We owe more than everything to future generations and younger generations, whose future our thoughtlessness has stolen. We can never allow any more thoughtlessness to threaten them. But part of protecting them means teaching them well how to enjoy the privilege of Life, and maybe learning something from them about that, along the way.

Make that 40 years…

Really the last thing we need is geo-engineering as opposed to real solutions.

I get their email updates. They come in the early morning, what a way to start the day :-///

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Hi Gandolf: well, the ocean is already being compromised, and as I read that at 6% oxygen level, people are pretty useless. I guess then that the .01% will figure out that money can’t buy you air! They will also find that people just flop around like dying fish on land if the oxygen goes too low----it will be too late for them to figure out that they should have been more self sufficient. However, maybe enough people in diverse areas will survive-----just as the withdrawal of the ice on America led to different societies, I guess that lowering oxygen will change things too. I wonder—if all wars were stopped tomorrow, and if all planes were grounded, and no gas or oil was available for cars, boats or planes—I wonder how long it would take for air to improve and be livable for humans?

Sadly too many are exclusively enjoying life and not learning about the things that may eventually screw up whatever life is afforded them. But ignorance is bliss.
So it shall be???

I see it almost opposite: sadly virtually nobody is enjoying life at all – lost without any firm notion of what Life means, what joy means. For my part, I don’t envy the assholes in their Lamborghinis with (as Randy Newman says) “a half-pound of cocaine and a 16 year-old girl.”

Dear me RMV. Dearie me. How many more examples do we need before we all come to grips that banksters are simply wolves in sheep’s clothing. Disaster Capitalism anyone?

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you feel about them) while the Banksters will milk this natural disaster for ever increasing mounds of money, not even their own progeny will escape the effects.

It was known when co2 was discovered to be a principle green house gas in 1856. It was very clearly stated when S. Arrhenius in 1896 reported the amount of fossil fuel burning needed to

It was discussed in 1856 when it was reported that co2 is a principle greenhouse gas. It was made very explicit in 1896 when S. Arrhenius published a paper expressing the correlation between gigatons of fossil fuels burned and rise in atmospheric temperature.

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See… I was right!