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The $1 Billion Election No One Is Noticing

The $1 Billion Election No One Is Noticing

John Light

Multimillionaire John Brunner is a victim of money in politics. In 2012, he spent millions to win the Republican nomination for US Senate in Missouri and was defeated, in part because Democrats, in the words of Sen.

We must demand public financing for all elections.
Please vote every down-ballot ‘incumbent’ out of office. That might just wake these fools up.

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I have seen you make this blanket recommendation more than once on CD but I think the likelihood is that, for many races, voters are faced with choices that to a large degree mirror the presidential choices. There will be a poor incumbent and an equally or even worse challenger. By voting out the incumbent they will be voting in a new incumbent who will not take his or her victory as any kind of message other than that the voters preferred their platforms and policies.

It would be a better strategy to get progressives to run as challengers in the various primaries and then vote the incumbents out of the primaries but the money that’s being spent to see that doesn’t happen is more than enough to drown out any progressive voices. Which brings us to the article at hand and the pernicious effect of $$$ on elections in a, supposed, democracy.

I was just reading the latest on Telesur and the push to privatize Brazil’s infrastructure that would all be accomplished before new elections. They are also pushing a constitutional amendment restricting public spending on social services to the rate of inflation instead of the current measure: GDP. I easily can imagine that these steps are being considered for here if any true electoral reform were to be seriously on the table.

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