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The 1% Is Organized and Coming for Its Tax Cuts. Is the Resistance Ready?


The 1% Is Organized and Coming for Its Tax Cuts. Is the Resistance Ready?

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Though some suggest the Republicans' effort to push through "tax reform" will likely fail like their effort to repeal Obamacare, the White House and its corporate allies have undertaken a coordinated cam


The entire farce is being used to keep the dollar and with it American Hegemony alive.
That is my the military has become the most important wing and we are back to the dark ages.

If we could deal with local issues locally, how much Donald has put away in Ivanka’s underwear will be meaningless.
Let them squabble about it when they get caught with their hands in each other’s stashes.

Issues at the global scale need a different approach, and none of these guys are tackling those issues logically or maturely.
Currency is defunct at that level as well.


Are they building more homeless shelters and food pantries. Hope local governments are ready to deal with increases in homelessness


I’m surprised few ever wonder why the 1% keeps wanting more money. They can’t spend more and stimulate the economy. It’s been shown that people change as they get richer, become more selfish and vain. Greed is also an addiction. Once you have more money than you can possibly use, need or want, the greed still remains and keeps increasing as with any addiction.

So what comes next is the greed for power and when you have all the power you can possibly want, the only thing left is to take it away from the others: hence, economic oppression even if it means that the 1% will be less rich. After all, it is the working class which makes them rich. But this is not about logic; only greed and the logic of oppression.


One politician has repeated his attack on the billionaire class.

For his troubles, Hillary’s team plotted with the DNC to subvert him.
For his troubles, he was called a grumpy doom-and-gloomer and a pony chaser.
For his troubles, his supporters are called racists, sexists, and BernieBros by certain ‘uniters’ on this very site.

And instead of talking about real systemic change, we now talk about Trump.

I’m organized alright. To help destroy the calcified 2-party farce.


The resistance is using the August recess of congress to take a little break then it will be back to action. The Republicans in congress better plan where they are going to hide from their constituents because things could get pretty noisy. Finding a Republican member of congress can be harder than finding a Pokemon.


I think it is important to remember that we are the majority. It’s time we stand up & say enough is enough. We all should be angry. Trump isn’t the problem. He is a system of the problem. Our problem is that for over 50 years the 1% has slowly been taking over our democratic institutions.

We’re fighting back. Check out The Incorruptibles or The Incorruptibles of Nebraska.


Bernie is a great guy, I think most of his supporters are probably great people, but are you really defending the BernieBro people? Seems to me they crossed the line with their nastiness. Too much profanity directed at Clinton supporters. I would not blame Bernie but he attracted some pretty crude types based on their attempts to dominate with internet with profane attacks. And there were numerous reports from campuses about how extremely difficult it was to be a Hillary Clinton supporter. These criticisms of the BernieBros were well deserved.

Should we really not be talking about Trump? Last I heard it sounded like he was threatening a nuclear war against North Korea. Trump should be talked about. Hopefully that will lead to doing something about this unhinged guy with thousands of nuclear weapons that only he has the authority to launch.


What planet did you say you were from?
Dude, you are completely unhinged.
Check your meds, will ya?


The sign says it all “tax the rich”, that would have happened 40 years ago had we have honorable elected officials. But the rich turned the tables on us by reversing the correct course of action. The rich reversed the logic of tax the rich and used non stop propaganda since Reagan to destroy any obstacle standing in the way of unspeakable wealth. That wealth belongs to all of us not just the 1%.
We allowed the rich to first target and then wipe out all our government regulation laws governing corporate activity in America. They falsely labeled it “free enterprise” but didn’t say free for whom. The wealthy basically socialized business losses and costs and privatized all the profits. Socialism for the rich or even communism for the rich is okay but not for working classes and the poor. Let’s hope the gene is out of the lamp and we have woken up to demand we get back all the stolen goods and never allow anyone or any entity to get so big and powerful to turn on us the people.


The top 1% of income earners pay close to 50% of income taxes and we have more regulation than ever.


It’s not just wanting more, that happens automatically, it’s the protecting part they are worried about. The bigger their pile the greater their fear of losing it so they add layer upon layer of protection. The fear feeds on itself to where it becomes irrational and eventually self destructs.


They should be paying 90%.
Bring back the New Deal.


I don’t mean the rate they pay. I mean the rich pay half of all the collected income taxes. 40% of people pay nothing.


Just like Sears Roebuck started their enterprise many small family businesses went belly up. America has never been the same because one greedy bastard started the mega store idea and wasn’t opposed effectively. Now we have become a society where everything is allowed in the name of free enterprise, wallmarts, home depots, chain fast foods conglomerates, when they move in people lose out but no one sees it. Americans have been targeted and used like consuming pigs, hence the word “consumer”. We are mere cattle to the rich corporations that produce GMO, pesticide, hormone foods from abused animals, water and soil. America has become a huge whorehouse for the wealthy bastards like wall-marts, Chevrons, home depots, Lowes, Kentucky fried shit, etc, etc…why should one asshole own so many fucking shitty looking super stores the size of 4 football fields loaded with made in china crap? And the people keep on marching to it like a bunch of hungry pigs at feeding time and they are getting fatter and fatter and fatter. Have you looked at the women lately they are obese and full of diseases that come from pigging out on shit foods and loads of addictive medications. BTW it’s not just the women but they gain and keep their wait more so then the other sex i guess.


Its a big club, and you ain’t in it.


“Wasn’t opposed effectively” … because it’s perfectly fine to own or open a large store if you choose to.


Old man Walton used to pride himself by boasting all American made products.
Just sayin’.


you got a link to that 50% BS.


Yeah, It’s a free country. Everyone is free to be born to a Rothschild. Amirite?