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The 1% Is Organized and Coming for Its Tax Cuts. Is the Resistance Ready?


That would be the case except the higher paid guy has a limit he can collect in SS. That’s why it’s cut off.

Loose example:!person averages 150k in pay can collect a max of $30k per year.

Person who averages $40k per year can collect $15k.

Again, the higher earners have to pay more but get back less proportionately.


We must be dissatisfied until the walls that separate the city of wealth and comfort and the city of poverty and despair is demolished by the forces of justice.

We must be dissatisfied until integration of all Americans is not seen as a problem but as an opportunity to participate in the beauty of diversity.

We must not allow the necessities be taken from the masses to give luxuries to the rich and to finance wars of profit.


My point is that we wouldn’t be talking about Trump if your party offered a real alternative.

Instead you offered low expectations, hurrahs for the Obama recovery that increased income inequality, and defenses of the corporate subsidy called ObamaCare, all wrapped in a pantsuit that the voters expressed nothing but disdain for from the get-go.

And please try to understand reality: the BernieBros are a concoction of brilliant strategists like David Brock.

Abysmal failure that he is, at least had the grace to apologize for helping promulgate the BernieBro mythology.

You, on the other hand, blame that mythology for your queen’s loss.

Let’s see…BernieBros, Comey, Russians, deplorable working class whites who previously voted for Obama. Everyone seems to have caused Hillary’s loss…except her.


You are absolutely spot on. Through their stranglehold on the media the one percent have tried to make the 99% complicit in their robber baron rape of our democracy and regulatory protections. You’re calling them on it out loud. Good! They’ve managed to brainwash a huge swath of the public into accepting an atavistic, latter-day, feudal mindset for America’s social and economic structure. We know it and we’re not having it. Enough already!


Bologny! They wriggle the way out of much of what they’re supposed to pay. Don’t doubt that for one second.


They have deductions sure. But for the most part they pay exactly what they are supposed to.

You’re probably another guy who doesn’t know who actually pays what and just wants people with more than you to pay for you.


At no point in time have more regulations existed than right now.


familiarizing myself to the subject? After you sent me that link I had to go to the IRS tax forms and do the math. Tax percent on 1,000 starts at 10% slides up to 17% for 99,000. Is this common knowledge? One sees it once a year to figure their taxes but without a vested interest in the subject and actually doing the math one never knows what is true these days.

What you present is a small piece of this issue. It is not just about a percent the 1% pays or hides off shore but it is about the source of their income that comes from military industrial complex that rages across the globe. It is about the billionaires pushing agendas they can afford to purchase that topple countries and presents opportunities for corporations they own to gain resources in the following chaos.

You seem to want to make this about percents of taxes owed. Is the person who pays the most taxes better or more patriotic then the people who pay no taxes?


No, it’s not. Monopolies are illegal and unethical. They weaken healthy social and economic fabric. Many communities are waking up to this and voting big box businesses down when they come to their towns. They take over everything, stifling local communities and their economies.


Just worker compensation and working conditions must be a part of the arithmetic. Most of us don’t care what vast sums the 1% take home as long as it isn’t at the expense of the homeless, hungry, and hopeless.


That is not why it is “cut off.” Hardly anyone earned the higher limits back when it was set. The wealthy have kept the cap from being removed or even raised substantially.

The “lower guy” also has a limit. You do know that each wife the “higher guy” has can also collect against his earnings too.


Wages for the working class are at all time highs


Yes I tried to show that with my example. Point is the higher earner doesnt see the more he pays in and if there were no wage cap it would be even worse.


The posters here are the ones saying all kind of lies about who pays what. And they wonder why we have gridlock.


The 99% have the same basic living expenses and needs to pay for out of a much smaller bankroll than the 1%. It’s not just federal taxes that have to be considered when comparing the fabulously rich to those just getting by and trying to stay off the streets and out of the hospital.


I missed all that Bernie Bot angst but expecting people who know a shafting when they feel one not to resort to their baser feelings when they are frustrated. The Deplorable comment was of that ilk. Trump supporters still go to his rallies because they are angry and they have no real voice. Sure they will realize the long con played eventually but then the grifter will have left the building.


Not in purchasing power today it would need to be 22$ + to equal the minimum wage of 1962. Google it.


Sure there are other taxes but most states with high income taxes heavily tax the rich also. In CA you have to make something like 30k before income taxes kick in.


Nope. That’s the “if wages kept up with productivity” the wage would be $22. If it keep up with inflation it’s something like $11 or $12


Sanders’ supporters at the Nevada State Convention asked for a recount of the vote, and were denied. Hillary shill Barbara Boxer condescendingly tried to put them “in their place”. She didn’t address the issue, and admonished Bernie’s supporters for their vocal disapproval of her stance. “Keep on booing and boo yourselves out of this election”, she said. Hardly an attempt at fairness.

An attempt by people like you to smear “Bernie Bros” is just that. Clinton supporters missed no opportunity to sabotage Sanders’ campaign. Bernie and his supporters, including me, resent your unfounded criticism of Sanders’ campaign. Hillary could not win on merit, so she had to cheat - just like a Republican. I’m certain you are happy with that. I put you in the same camp as Boxer - you begin your defense of Clinton with the words “Bernie is a great guy” - I almost have to laugh at your condescending tone ! I am not happy that Trump won, but I am also not unhappy that Clinton lost. She and her husband need to retire. The longer she stays in the public view, the better Trump looks.